Gran Roca Farm-to-Table Market at Tienda Nectar on Wednesday

The Gran Roca Farm-to-Table Market will be at Tienda Nectar this week on Wednesday. We produce everything we sell on our sustainable permaculture farm in the Yunguilla Valley, about an hour southwest of Cuenca. Our wide variety of products, including fruits and vegetables, milk products, eggs, chicken, beef and pork, provide everything you need to give your family fresh, healthy, delicious meals.

All of our produce is harvested in the morning for purchase in the afternoon — only a few hours old. We’ll be bringing special produce varieties not available anywhere else, like our heirloom tomatoes, rainbow chard, multi-colored carrots, Italian zucchini, broccoli florets, striped and yellow beets, wax beans, English cucumbers, real spinach, special lettuces, big, healthy curly kale, blue and purple dinosaur kale, daikon radishes, leeks, onions, sweet peppers, bok choy and more.

Our fresh herbs include lemon balm, onion chives, garlic chives, mustard greens, oregano, Italian parsley, curly parsley, peppermint, rosemary, sage, and thyme.

Our milk products include same-day raw milk, extra thick and creamy Greek yogurt and real mozzarella cheese.

Our pasture raised chicken and duck layers produce naturally orange egg yolks as they feed on grass, bugs and a ration we make on our farm.

Our Turkeys are now available in 1/4 dark meat or 1/4 white meat which weigh 4-6 pounds. They are raised on pasture and are freshly butchered.

Our beef and pork are raised on pasture and are butchered in our commercial kitchen to North American standards with all the cuts you would expect to see in a butcher shop.

We have expanded our production on our commercial smoker that uses only our sustainably raised animals, (so you know the source and quality of what you are buying) to include: the best smoked pork chorizo sausage, our very popular smoked chicken sausage patties, smoked pork brisket, and smoked pork ham hocks.

Please come if you would like to make this a weekly event. You can email us if you are looking for specific items to take home with you.

Buy direct from a farm that knows what fresh, healthy, delicious food is. English and Spanish spoken.

Interested in home-delivery in Cuenca or pick-up in the Centro Historico? Send us an email at and we’ll add you to our Weekly Newsletter List that provides information and access to our on-line store.

Wednesday, January 12, 1 – 3 PM, Sucre 1-127 and Manuel Vega

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