Any game players in town?

Hi all, I enjoy playing games from time to time. Nothing too serious and I just enjoy the conversation, sometimes even more than the games. But if you know how to play Farkle, Euchre, Tripoley, Po-Ke-No, Yahtzee, or any other type of card or dice games, I’d appreciate hearing from you.
Maybe even some Cards Against Humanity, You Don’t Know Jack or video games would be fun too.

I just feel stuck in a rut, sometimes, trying to meet new people and games like these are fun to me and I’ve enjoyed playing them with others back in the States. Also, if anyone has a Wii system, I have quite a few games for it but sadly, I didn’t have space in my luggage to bring a console.

Life’s too short to be seriously competitive all the time and some of us (me) aren’t in prime physical shape to be overly active. If you’re interested, or think you might be, hit that reply button now! Operators are standing by to welcome you!


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