Live Longer Labs C-60 for sale

Two full unopened bottles of Live Longer Labs C-60 for sale. Very high-quality C-60 in delicious coconut oil so it tastes great.

Paid $60 each + tax and shipping. Offering both bottles for $120.

Check out the link for info and videos. Cliff High is very “high” on this product. You can google that too.

C60 is an incredibly powerful and reusable antioxidant that neutralizes harmful free radicals that surround our cells, making it a game-changer in the wellness and skin care industries.

The antioxidants contained in vitamin C and E are known to have an effect on a particular active oxygen.

The antioxidant effect in fullerene is much greater as it has an even effect on all typical free radicals (removing the active oxygen).

The effect is 172 times that of Vitamin C. This high concentration of antioxidant agents is one of the many features of C60 fullerene.

C60 fullerene is able to cross the blood-brain barrier.
C60 fullerene derivatives are rapidly absorbed by tissues and excreted through urinary tract; low to no toxicity in vitro and in vivo in studies.
34 oxygen radicals have been added onto a single C60 molecule.
C60 fullerene derivatives are rapidly absorbed by the tissues.
Potentially therapeutic against arthritic pain, cancer, human immunodeficiency (HIV) and neurodegenerative deficiencies like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s from performed research.

C60 fullerenes possess large amount of conjugated double bonds and low lying lowest unoccupied molecular orbital which can easily take up an electron from an attack of an oxygen radical.

Keep your immune system strong with C60.

Mary T: 099 925 8138.

City: Cuenca

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