We sell vegan icecreams, plant-based meat, and vegetarian Chinese dumplings

We sell vegan icecream, plant-based meat, and vegetarian Chinese food as follows: 

Vegan Icecream 
-Brand: Lado Bueno 
-9 flavors: choco avellana, frutos rojos, guanabana, maracuya, limon mediterraneo, limonada de coco, mandarina con hierba buena, pina colada, mora 
-with sugar or without sugar 

Plant-based meat: 
Brand: Beyond Meat 
— Burger/227g/$8.50 
— Sausage Original/400g/$11.90 
— Sausage Hot Italian/400g/$11.90 
— Beef/453g/$12.90 
— Breakfast Sausage/210g/$7.90 
— Meatballs/290g/$9.90 
— Chicken Tenders/227g/$8.50 
— Pizza/280g/$5.50 
— Lasagna/350g/$8.70 

Brand: Gardein 
— Crispy Chicken Patties/352g/$9.50 
— Chicken Nuggets/245g/$9.50 
— Chicken Strips/283g/$9.50 
— Home Style Beefless tips/255g/$9.50 
— Ultimate Beefless Ground/390g/$9.50 
— Ultimate Beefless Burger/340g/$9.90 

Hand-made Chinese Dumplings and Steamed Buns 
— 15 Dumplings with Turnips and Carrots inside/$6 
— 15 Dumplings with Zucchinis and Eggs inside/$6 
— 4 Steamed Buns with Red Beans inside/$4 
— 4 Steamed Buns with Turnips and Carrots inside/$4 

The shop’s name is Gracie’s Naturals. We sell natural products made in Ecuador, and we can speak English.

Hermano Miguel 5-74 y Juan Jaramillo, very close to Café de Ñucallacta.

099 895 4800

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