The private insurance and the annual benefits, by Bluebox broker

The prevention is the best way to take of care of you and your body, be aware of the amount of water you drink per day, an alimentation rich in vitamins and minerals that from your aliments more not of pills, include vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and minerals in your diet maintain your body, your mind and your immunological system strong in the event of any virus or bacterial external that affect your health.

Further of the alimentation aware, you should pend of your annual checkup that can be huge help to you, since you will know how your body is without leaving aside any aspect of your health.

The Ecuadorian private insurance doesn’t cover the preventive annual checkup, but always exists the way of being protected, the best way is the annual checkup. Ask for an appointment at your broker, with a doctor in network. He can give you an order for your exams. When you have this order you can do your exams and check that your health is ok. If all these exams are ok, the exams won’t cover, but for your appointment you will pay $6. The other case is you have some high results in your exams. In this case the company pays for the altered exams and your treatment.

The other way is using your annual benefits, such as: mammogram, PAP test, or prostate antigen. These three exams have a coverage of one time per year. You only should present your documents for your claim at your broker and wait for your reimbursement.

It is really important that you know the documents you need to present at claim. The most important is the application for reimbursement, the certificate of your doctor with your diagnostic and the time of your diagnostic. Additionally you need the orders and results of your exams and the original bills. Remember, please that all these documents should be in your name.

Using your private insurance is really easy, but you should present all these documents, because not always your booker can be helping you since some doctors don’t give your documents to other persons. In Ecuador the doctors have some laws that prevents the doctors giving your documents to other persons for protection of your information and in case the doctor gives your documents to another person and you decide to denounce, you can do it. For this reason the doctors prefer to work directly with the customers.

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