Natural pain relief with Vilcapads

With all the power and beauty of nature, Vilcapads presents its therapeutic pillows made with seeds, medicinal plants and lavender essential oil from Young Living; to guarantee natural relief from pain and stress.

Two natural therapies are combined: thermotherapy, which is an excellent way to treat pain and tension through the use of heat (in a conventional oven or microwave) or cold (in the freezer); and aromatherapy, which is the mixture of delicious aromas that provide early recovery and relaxation.

Its carefully developed design is rectangular, in cotton fabric with washable cover, ergonomic and has channels that evenly distribute the contents and heat for a better experience. They contain mango leaves, eucalyptus, arnica and lavender essential oil; plants with high disinflammatory, analgesic, expectorant and relaxing power, which makes Vilcapads 100% effective, reliable and safe to be used by the whole family.

In its two presentations: facial and multipurpose, they complement each other and are recommended in the treatment of:

Back pains: cervical, lumbar, dorsal.
In general, any pain and muscular tension
Menstrual pain
Arthritis, arthrosis
Contusions, bruises and muscle inflammation
Headaches, migraines
Insomnia and anxiety
Fatigue and stress

They contain recommendations for use and care inside.

The Vilcapad Facial is highly recommended in the relief of headaches, strokes, colds, fever, inflammation, insomnia, stress, anxiety and fatigue. It is also recommended for meditation and guided relaxation.


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The Vilcapad Multipurpose is highly recommended for the relief of muscle tension, back pain: lumbar, cervical, dorsal; colic, menstrual cramps, torticollis, arthritis, arthrosis, sciatica, pain in knees, feet; inflammation, bruises, bumps, fever, fatigue and stress.


Check in my website more info and pics:

They are ideal for use by all members of the family because it is safe, easy to use and has no side effects.

Delivery to all the country from Vilcabamba by Servientrega.

Mary: 098 649 0310.

City: Viclabamba

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