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Looking for Jack

A few of us are concerned for Jack. He exercises at Parque El Vergel every morning. At least he did. My understanding is that he went to Florida and was supposed to be back December 10th. No one has seen him. If you have, please respond so we know he is OK.

Jack is in his 80s, kind of stooped over, always wears red shorts and lives in the El Vergel area. He shops the Saturday morning ferria at the Museum of Fire.

Thanks for looking.

Dave: .

City: Cuenca
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Furniture and appliances

Hey there, I recently moved to Cuenca and rented an empty apartment. So, now I am looking

Kefir grains

Looking for Kefir grains in Cuenca. Mary: . City: Cuenca

Looking for a queen-size bed

Looking for a queen-size bed. Please send pictures over WhatsApp. Also for a duvet, sheets. Roxi: 096

Massage therapist

Hello, I’m looking for a massage therapist, familiar with European massage technique.I will appreciate recommendations by email:

Looking for free English classes

Good day, Please, if someone could teach English for free contact, Laly Jarrín: 099 545 7490.

I’m a pet walker

Hey there, I want to offer my services as a dog walker. We pick up and drop

Looking for armoire

Hi folks, if you have an armoire from Cheryl in the Calle Larga and soon you will