Exclusive face masks from Vilcapads

With all the power and beauty of nature, now Vilcapads presents its new product: Comfort Kit composed of two masks, a disinfectant spray with essential oils, washing nuts and an adapter, made with local products from Vilcabamba.
The masks are totally handmade and exclusive, made of linen that allows breathing very easily. In addition, the mask has an inner cotton pocket to insert a small bag with eucalyptus leaf and lavender essential oil from Young Living.

This unique design allows you to take advantage of all the benefits of aromatherapy with comfort and elegance. With each inhalation, the fresh scent of the plants provides all the antiviral, antiseptic, expectorant, and relaxing benefits of these powerful plants.
In the Comfort Kit we offer a variety of colors and innovative designs in the masks, as well as in their straps; there are adjustable cotton woven, elastic woven and leather woven. The straps can be interchangeable depending on the day and occasion, offering versatility and unique style to our customers.
Visit my website to see more: http://www.buena-onda.net
It also has a hand-woven adapter that can be used as an ear saver or for the mask to hang on the chest when not in use. You can choose between different weavings of original Saraguro beads or woven in cotton with coconut shell buttons from Vilcabamba.
The handmade spray is made with a blend of essential oils of eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender, palo santo and lemon, which makes it a powerful antiseptic disinfectant with a delicious aroma. It can be applied on hands or to freshen masks.
Includes a pouch with washing nuts and essential oil of tea tree, palo santo and lemon and instructions for the realization of a natural liquid soap and instructions for use and care inside the kit.
Everything has been carefully designed and developed with love to offer wellness and a total change in the experience of using the masks.
Prices vary according to the combination you choose for your Comfort Kit.
Visit my website for more info: http://www.buena-onda.net
Delivery to all the country from Vilcabamba by Servientrega.
098 649 0310

Mary: mavimop@gmail.com 098 649 0310.

City: Viclabamba

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