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Hello everyone in or near Cuenca. I have been looking and looking for a basic camera. Just a simple one to use for pictures and take videos. I found one at Christmas but the video is hard to see when you take it outdoors. I found so far only one place that sells them and it was $325. I am not looking for one that is also a phone/smartphone. Just a small regular size camera. Does not have to have all the fancy attachments and lenses. I am trying to get one as soon as possible. Does anyone have any suggestions or have one or know of someone that has one for sell? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

Bill Moen: 095 976 6431. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca
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Furniture and appliances

Hey there, I recently moved to Cuenca and rented an empty apartment. So, now I am looking

Kefir grains

Looking for Kefir grains in Cuenca. Mary: . City: Cuenca

Looking for a queen-size bed

Looking for a queen-size bed. Please send pictures over WhatsApp. Also for a duvet, sheets. Roxi: 096

Looking for free English classes

Good day, Please, if someone could teach English for free contact, Laly Jarrín: 099 545 7490.

Massage therapist

Hello, I’m looking for a massage therapist, familiar with European massage technique.I will appreciate recommendations by email:

I’m a pet walker

Hey there, I want to offer my services as a dog walker. We pick up and drop

Looking for armoire

Hi folks, if you have an armoire from Cheryl in the Calle Larga and soon you will