Recommendation for Pedro, delicious pies

It’s hard to find good pies in Cuenca as the crusts are too thick, too dry, etc., not enough filling in them or not good fillings. I ordered two pies, lemon merengue and apple and hoped at least one would be good and both were outstanding. I usually, very seldom eat the crust but I did on these. The weight of these pies is impressive as there is no scrimping you get your money’s worth and then some. They said they would have them delivered by 10 AM and they were here by 10. You want quality pies, this is who to call.

They are $14 delivered. Order by 5 and it will be delivered end of the next day. They are incredible. WhatsApp text message 096 089 2671 Monday to Sunday, Fray Luis de Leon Y Jose Zorrilla Philip Hall: 096 089 2671

Address: Fray Luis de Leon Y Jose Zorrilla

Contact information: 096 089 2671

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