Recommendation for Manuel Tapia, contractor

Manuel has been doing renovations, repairs for us for the last 10 years.

Anything from a driveway, pool upgrade, water pump replacement, ceramic tiles throughout the house, roof upgrade, califon repair, carpentry, electrical work, you name it. Right now, he´s building two houses in the area, and although he´s based in Yunguilla, he´s done work in Cuenca, Challubamba and Paute.

He´s honest to a fault, and in years past, we have left for extended periods of time while he was doing work inside and outside our house. Doesn´t speak English, but I´ll be more than glad to act as translator to help both sides.

Address: Cercaloma, Abdon Calderon, Yunguilla

Contact information: 099 263 0840

Recommended by Andre Alban: 098 167 7881

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