Recommendation for Kinti Wasi Cooperative, fruits and vegetables

Kinti Wasi supplies us every other week with a delivered basket of whatever is fresh and beautiful from their organic farm. We leave it to them to choose what, within the budget $30. It is like opening a present… bright and beautiful. This week it is a dozen organic eggs, a dragon fruit, avocados, tomatoes, an eggplant, a cauliflower deeply wrapped in those green leaves that only last a day but are superfood, a broccoli ditto, a cushaw squash, onions, radishes with their leaves, bulbs of dried garlic, carrots, chard, kale, celery…

Their mountain farm is very organic. It is the other side of Azogues and I think it is a Canari cooperative. They just drive into town a couple of times a week. It is different every time but they take trouble to make it beautiful and it is always bouncing fresh. One of Cuenca’s major delights.

Contact Carmen Loja on WhatsApp 098 736 8822

Address: Azogues

Contact information: 098 736 8822

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