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physical therapy and rehabilitation for dogs

You never know when you might need a rehab doctor to treat your pet (dog or cat). A car crash, a genetic deformity, advancing age, so many ways. And in that day, you want to know there is a veterinarian in Cuenca who specializes in rehabilitation. Her name is Dra Angelica Maria Arroyo Mignano and she practices near Remigio Crespo at VETerapia.

Dra Angelica uses a variety of modalities, some well-known and practiced widely, like massage therapy, acupuncture, and electrical stimulation, and others more experimental, like phototherapy or ozone therapy. The point is, Dra Angelica will pull out all the stops to help you.

I met Dra Angelica in 2021 when I was looking to help our 15-year-old dog. Our dog was losing the use of her back legs and it was very painful for her to lie down. We were looking at the day when she could no longer walk and we would have to put her down.

Later in 2021, we added a second dog to our household. He has suffered a devastating injury years ago that left him permanently disabled. We wanted to ensure that his future years were as comfortable as they could be.

After requesting for each dog a full medical history and also x-rays from several angles, Dra Angelica advised us on oral pain relief, on what constitutes proper exercise, and on massage techniques. In addition, more recently, she has been bringing her equipment to our house to give both our dogs electrical and/or photo therapy and acupuncture. (We declined the ozone therapy.)

The phototherapy (or light therapy) takes about 30 minutes. It beams different light wavelengths to achieve different results: the red light for one function, the white light for another; and unlit for laser therapy. In Latin America, this modality is used in Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Columbia. In Europe, it is mostly used in Spain and Germany.

The acupuncture takes about 20 minutes. It is not painful but the needles can fall out if the dog is not used to the sensation. In that case, Dra A might substitute electrical stimulation. The massage takes about half an hour.

I am no vet! And there’s a lot I don’t understand. But the proof is in the pudding. I googled the things we were doing to learn more about them. And then I waited to see if our dogs improved. They have!

Here are two before/after videos about other dogs that Dra A shared with me. The improvement is obvious.

More about Dra Angelica Maria Arroyo Mignano

Trained in basic veterinary medicine in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, Dra Angelica has practiced since 2009. She pursued her passion to become a rehabilitation expert to Argentina in 2018, to Chile in 2019 and to Mexico in 2020, where she earned degrees or certificates in Physiotherapy, Kinesthesiology, and Acupuncture.

Her education has included:

–UCLA Universidad Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado 2009
–Fisioterapia y Rehabilitacion Buenos Aires Argentina SOMEVE (Sociedad de Medicina Veterinaria
–Sekivet Centro de Kinesioterapia Veterinaria Santiago de Chile
Kinesioterapia Veterinaria 2019
–Mexican institute of complementary Veterinary medicine 2020

Dra Angelica speaks more English than she lets on. Still, if your Spanish is not up to speed, maybe you will want to consider bringing a translator to a session.

Address: Cesar Davila y Gonzalo Cordero detrás de la pista de bicicross de la Remigio

Contact information: +593 98 065 7403

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