Recommendation for Alexis, housekeeper and cook

For more than two years I have been lucky enough to learn Ecuadorian cooking (and teach a few USA taste treats) with Alicia. She also does a fine job with housecleaning and a bit of organizing and some ironing and putting away laundry. She gets on very well with our 3 dogs too She also helps with shopping, taking things for sewing repairs, and generally knows people who can get things done. I have limited Spanish and she has very little English but it doesn’t seem to matter We understand each other well with occasional supplemental translation app use. I have recommended her to two other friends both of whom are very satisfied One had an accident and Alexis helped staying overnight.

For an introduction to her, please message me. She has available about a day or a half day each week.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:

Recommended by Julie Combs:
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