Just a few hours to get your discount for ceramics classes

Sculpture and hand modeling ceramics classes, Xmas and New Year’s discount. Just a few hours to get your discount!

Sculpture and hand modeling classes in ceramics.

This year, 2022, we continue with teaching and sharing knowledge in our classes focused on sculpture and/or hand modeling.

At the moment we are starting the week of January 10, 2022, with personalized classes. This means that we will start by learning the general basic techniques, we will carry out a small project, if necessary, so that the student learns a little more, and later we will carry out a specific project chosen by the student, in this way what has been learned will be put into practice with the basic techniques and the initial project.

We add a test schedule if this has a quorum, it will be maintained and if not, we will stay with the previous schedules:

Class schedule:

Group A
Wednesday to Friday:
8 to 10 AM
11 AM to 1 PM

B Group
Tuesday to Thursday
4 to 6 PM (Test Schedule)
6 to 8 PM

Within the classes we have them in 3 plans whose difference is the number of days of work and therefore learning. All plans include materials (pastes, enamels and slips), tools borrowed from the workshop, two oven burns for your piece (sponge cake and enameled), space to store your materials and projects.

Plan A: 12 monthly classes, 3 per week

Plan B: 8 classes per month, 2 per week

Plan C: 4 monthly classes, one per week

For Christmas and New Year’s we have the following promotion: Buy your gift card in advance to claim your classes in the months of January, February. If you sign up with a friend or partner, receive 10% for each one. Promo is valid until 11:59 PM of 6th of January.

Start date: January 11

Finally, thanks to the people who have come to work in the workshop, artists with experience and a lot of desire to create. We will continue to have workshop memberships; that is, you pay to use our space. This is only for experienced people who do not need tutoring or teaching.

Membership 1
8 days per month, 8kg of paste

Membership 2
4 days a month, 4kg of paste

Membership includes 8 – 6 kg of white paste (does not include enamels) tools borrowed from the workshop, 2 oven burners for your pieces (sponge cake and enameled), space to store your materials and projects.

January 11th, from 4 to 8 PM and 6 to 8 PM, $64, $112, $156. Isabela 2-39A between Floreana and Española Near Colliseum Jefferson Perez, Cuenca.

Juan Jose: juanjosecobosc@gmail.com 099 866 1486

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