Home assistant services are offered

My name is José Antonio Martínez, professional with 4th level of studies. I have been residing in Cuenca for 13 years now.

I can provide you with all kinds of support in the various tasks of the home: assisting with daily living tasks in meal planning and preparation, shopping for food, and preparing meals meeting dietary specifications. Also running errands and other basic errands such as administering medications and involving patients in exercises or activities to keep them mentally and physically vital as well as accompanying them to doctor visits and other appointments.

My knowledge of the English language corresponds to a medium level, but with many facilities to be able to communicate and understand the different needs. I can teach them easily and practice the Spanish language.

I am an honest, empathetic, affectionate, organized person and I pay a lot of attention to detail.

Vega Muñoz 1441 entre Lamar y Sangurima

Jose Antonio Martinez
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