Essential oils, free sample

Hi! My name es Sofía. I live in Cuenca and I am looking for 10 people who may be interested on improving any of these health conditions:

– Stress/anxiety
– Trouble to sleep
– Stomach ache
– Muscle or joint pain

If you have any of these, would you be interested in receiving a free essential oil sample to see how it can support you?

If you are interested, I will bring the sample to you and I will explain to you how to use it. You just need to try it and then I will contact you to ask the results of using it.

What do you say? Interested?

Please, contact me through email or WhatsApp


Sofia Bustamante
098 200 3096
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Elderly patient care, licensed critical care nurse, acupuncturist, Chinese medicine, rehabilitation and patient improvement Cuenca – Ecuador

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