Steam iron repair

If you live in Cuenca and have had a steam iron successfully repaired, please comment with the name and contact information of a reliable repair service, thank you!

Marshall and Nadine

Condo lease

Does anyone know the email address for Liz, the manager at Condominio Terraza in gringolandia? Moving back to Cuenca; want to check for available units for lease.



WhatsApp: 1 503 901 3432

Important information if you pay bills in Ecuador

The Superintendent of Banks issued a new directive that came into effect on January 1st. Although, it may not affect most expats, it is something you should be aware of. Any bill for a public service that is more than $76 must be paid electronically. You can no longer pay those bills in person at a bank or any place where you normally pay your bills. For instance, if your electricity bill is less than $76, you can pay as you normally do. However, if it is $76.01 or more, that bill must be paid electronically. This applies to IESS, water and all public services.


Pamper yourself with a relaxing massage

Rejuvenation Home Massage of Cuenca understands the mental and physical challenges we face in our lives daily. Today, reducing stress promotes better health and well–being. Massage is a natural way to reduce these tensions and have a positive effect on other common health conditions:

Digestive problems
Aches and pains
Sports injuries


Sinovac vaccine

Is anyone offering the Sinovac vaccine? If so, where?

Leslie Hinebaugh: .

City: Cuenca

Looking for 2+ BR house for long-term rental

Looking for 2+ BR, semi-furnished house for long-term rental in Cuenca, $400 – $700, Must allow pets.

Hi my friends in Cuenca, we are looking to rent a house with a green space (1 small dog), 2+ bedrooms, 2+ bathrooms and nice kitchen. We can move in at the end January – mid February.

Rick y Evelyng: 095 904 8340. Call after: 8 AM.

Looking for infra-red lamp

Does anyone know if it’s possible to purchase infra-red lamps in Cuenca? I see the lamp itself for sale on Amazon, but no stand or lamp holder. I’m looking for the complete kit for instant use.

Many thanks,

Pamela: 096 398 5529. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Looking for a geneticist or an immunologist

Hello there,

I am looking for a geneticist or an immunologist. I need someone who really cares about his patients and someone who is professional and open to talk about options instead of getting you into meds or surgery right away. Please, let me know to my email address:

Thank you,

Danny: .

City: Cuenca

Earth’s Children series by Jean M. Auel

I’m currently re-reading The Valley of the Horses, the second in the “Earth’s Children” Series (First is Clan of the Cave Bear) I’m wondering if someone might have some of the subsequent books in the series I might borrow. The following volumes are: The Mammoth Hunters, The Plains of Passage, The Shelters of Stone and The Land of the Painted Caves. I can get the kindle versions on Amazon for about $8.50 per book, a price I’m hoping to avoid.

Chris: 098 307 4656. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Letter going to the US


Is anyone going to the US soon? I need a small letter mailed. It is posted, and ready to go.

Thank you in advance.

Henry Kipp: 098 474 1527

City: Cuenca

Pet transportation

I am moving to Ecuador on June 8th and was referred to a pet transport company to get my two dogs over here. Has anyone ever used Francisco at Pets Transport? I would appreciate any feedback on their services. Thanks in advance.

Sharyn Bergholt

City: Cuenca

Household items for sale

Chest of drawers with mirror $125
KitchenAid rotor slicer, shredder, stand mixer attachment $65. Original price was $129.99
Breville juicer fountain $75
Oreck air purifier $60
KitchenAid fruit & vegetable strainer and food grinder $45
Mr. coffee 12-cup chrome coffee maker
Chrome GE microwave,18″W 10″H 11″D $50
DVD player $25

Beth: .

City: Cuenca

Brand-new appliances

LG Washer 18kg, white $425

Indurama stove, five-burner, grey $375

Jay: .

City: Cuenca

Marcapura in Cuenca

Good electric bicycles, ecological and with a one-year guarantee. We have large and small models with beautiful colors.

Visit us at Agustín Cueva 6-17 and Remigio Crespo
Monday to Friday 8:30 AM – 6 PM
Saturdays: 8:30 AM – 1 PM

Marcelo Jurado: 098 389 6436.

City: Cuenca

Sale at the Palermo on Thursday (January 6th) only

Due to e-sales, many items have been sold.
There is still furniture, kitchen utensils, glassware, dishes, lamps, mirrors and rugs. We also have lots of linens and towels.
The sale will be Thursday only – from 9 AM until 1 PM.
Location: Edificio Palermo. Condo 6J.

Marilyn Appel: .

City: Cuenca

The Hop Factory: Best place for craft beer and coffee in Cuenca

Come to The Hop Factory this Thursday and Friday from 1:30 to 7:30 PM, for some great craft beer. We do home deliveries on Thursday from 8 AM to noon.

We are on east side of Cuenca, Calle del Himno y Bandera Nacional. We have darts and chess boards available to play, as well as outdoor seating.

Our available beers are: Bourbon Barrel (11.5%) $4, IPA (6%) $3, Pale Ale (5.5%) $3. We make a truly “old school” beer that is unfiltered and naturally carbonated.



Are you looking for an experienced, trusted facilitator to help you with translation or figuring out how to get things done?

I can help you with:

– English/Spanish translation
– Buying assistance
– Cédula
– Driver license (legally)
– Car registration and inspection

I can provide personal references from satisfied clients. My services are reasonably priced. I will be reliably on time. Contact me to discuss your needs and to inquire about rates.

Making life in Cuenca easy,


Daniel Mocha

Are you having trouble getting a credit card?

Here, in the best Union Credit of the Ecuador Cooperativa Policia Nacional, you can get one, and enjoy all the best promotions in stores, restaurants, etc. Your CD with us will be the insurance for your Credit Card.

We have the best interest rate for the CD.

Contact me if you are interested;

Daniel Campos U.
Financial Adviser
Cell: 0995110173

Luis Cordero 5-24 and Honorato Vasquez

Daniel Campos
099 511 0173

English teacher

As an English teacher, I cater to students seeking to improve their pronunciation and use of correct English to improve their ability to communicate. I am a native English speaker am rated B2 in Spanish. I’ve lived in Cuenca, Ecuador for 7 years and have been helping Spanish speakers for most of that time. I offer classes on skype or in person at my residence by the hour at $10 per hour. I am a certified and accredited TESOL/TEFL to teach non-native students. I’m dedicated to helping my students to excel and failure is not an option. Whether it’s for employment, or school, or personal reasons, I can help. Contact me and let’s get you started.

Ordoñez Lasso 11-223 y Grevilla

Bard Webb
099 455 2983

News from USA Valet

Happy 2022 to you from the USA and Ecuador Teams of USA Valet. We are going to have lots new in ’22!

To stay up-to-date we encourage you to register now on our website if you haven’t already done so. This will automatically subscribe you to the bi-monthly emails we send out with info on Super Sales Days online, and other important information you will not want to miss. You can stay informed on new shipment arrivals on the page called Latest Update, and you can check out the Raffle Page. We have a great Raffle for starting out the New Year 2022 for you so please check it out.

We also have a Blog right on the website that educates you about the services we offer, and there is an FAQ page under About Us.

To message us send a chat message anytime from the bottom right of any page of the website. It is there for you to ask us any question or if you have a thought you want to communicate to us.

We ship legally and shipments are on average every week or two. The more you order the more frequently shipments go out, so you can use our service regularly for anything you want to get. It’s not just for items ordered online but you can order from any brick and mortar store throughout the world. You can order from Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and virtually any store around the globe. We deliver to your home anywhere throughout Ecuador.

Please register on our website, start using USA Valet, and find out how you can create your life in 2022 as a work of art! Plan it out and make your dreams come true.

As a welcome to new customers in the month of January we are giving a free dessert of your choice at Matthew’s Bagel Store located near SuperMaxi Americas. This welcome is for anyone using our service for the first time. (excludes only mail item). Our service is for everyone and the website is in both Spanish and English.

Register on our website now and you can start shopping!

Cuenca, Ecuador

USA Valet
099 931 8080

2022 projects ready to go? Emilio of all Trades, handyman

2022 is now open for business and so are we. Franklin and I and our select group of qualified, certified technicians are available to assist you with all of your home projects, repair and building needs. We invite you to contact us for all your 2022 handyman and other needs.

Here is a quick summary of our services: installation of ceramic tile (or repair it). plumbing jobs, carpentry, metal welding, painting, remodeling, tile work, soldering, window screens, professional electrical work, interpreter, Dr. appointments, help getting a Driver’s License, grocery shopping, paying bills, repairs or construction work and even property survey, more and more. I, Emilio, am an experienced driver and tour guide around the country. And I also continue with my own business Cuenca Car Share.

Contact us now and solve all your problems. In Cuenca Ecuador, you have friends that can resolve your issues and even expand your horizons.

Check our Facebook page Cuenca Emilio Of All Trades, Brothers Constructions, Handyman, for pictures of our work and recommendations. Also, check GringoPost recommendations. We’ve been working in Cuenca for years.

Calle Canton Saraguro s/n and Manuel Arturo Cisneros, Cuenca

Emilio Morocho
098 699 5694 WhatsApp + 593 98 699 5694

Cat scratchers and towers

Constructed entirely of good wood, strong and stable solids, with strong sisal and high-quality carpet cloth.

I have different designs and models. Prices vary from each one.

Your cat will like it a lot.

If you have any idea of ​​a model that you like. A different design, please let me know, I can make it for you, I make all the models, designs, styles and whatever you prefer.

Cuenca Centro


Happy 2022 – Cuenca Car Share

Our warmest greetings to all! Cuenca Car Share is here to help you with your travel and vacation plans. We offer several vehicles with different contracts available – short term and long term. Our prices always include auto insurance – something no other rental car company offers. We have added a couple of new vehicles to our fleet.

Carnival will be here soon – check your calendar and book early. There is a lot of demand for long holidays.

We have been voted the Best of Cuenca Rental Car services in GringoPost and it is almost time for you to vote again.

Calle Canton Saraguro s/n and Manuel Arturo Cisneros, Cuenca

Emilio Morocho
098 699 5694 WhatsApp + 593 98 699 5694

Haircuts to you

Hello, My name is Carlos. I am a barber that is looking to provide my services. I can come to your place to cut your hair, beards, and provide a style to your liking. I have expat/American referrals.

I charge $5 per cut with a small fee for taxi services.

Message/call WhatsApp: 098 345 2544 Cuenca Carlos the Barber 098 345 2544

The Barber, Carlos


Carlos Acosta

098 345 2544

It’s a race to the inventory

On January 3, a container with 20 room-size air purifiers arrived in Guayaquil. We know that the shipping cost is higher than last year’s order. And we still don’t know how much it will cost for customs to clear them. However, we will honor the old price of $149 for anyone that wants to pre-order one. Just send us an email and we will hold one for you for 2 weeks after they arrive in Cuenca. Replacement filters will still be $15 for those that are pre-ordered.

Note: Last October we sold 23 air purifiers in 3-1/2 weeks. Of the 20 new ones coming in, about 7 are already pre-sold. It is a race to the inventory.

P.S. We also have a waiting list for USB rechargeable D size batteries. No charger needed, they are the same strength as a regular alkaline battery, and can be reused about 1200 times. (Great for your calefon.) The last time we had them in stock, they sold out in 2-1/2 weeks.

P.P.S. Wow! Do we have a lot of new products on the same ship!

Inside the Sunrise Café (Calle Larga 9-40 y Benigno Malo) or at our store on Simón Bolívar 13-49 y Estévez de Toral

Kent Mills

Organization of spaces and professional cleaning

A new year begins, and nothing like having your house clean and organized.
Therefore, Catalina’s Garage Services has the pleasure of providing the services in:

1) Organization of spaces.
We organize spaces in houses and offices. Cupboards, closets, cellars and files. Everything organized, clean, that inspires serenity. We adequately handle biosecurity measures, for your tranquility. We have more than 7 months of experience (in the process of international certification).

Ask for your appointment, we go to your house, or, via zoom, we will prepare a work plan together and organize the space to your utility and comfort.

2) Professional cleaning of houses and offices.
We carry out maintenance and in-depth cleaning of houses and offices. We use a hygiene protocol, taking care of your belongings and protecting your health by using your products properly and trying to save them. We adequately handle biosecurity measures, for your tranquility. We have more than 3 years of experience, verifiable.
Prices according to the size of your home or office.

I wait it for you.

Professional profile:
Patricia Ledezma
Venezuelan, professional in the environmental area with registration in SENESCYT, trilingual (Spanish: native / English: basic / Portuguese: intermediate).

Cuenca. Centro de Cuenca.

Patricia Ledezma
096 350 9889

Rose’s House Cleaning

Everything in cleaning and maintenance in houses, apartments, offices. We have 10 years’ of experience and also worked in the US.

Good prices and service. I am an honest person, responsible and trustworthy. Call me: 099 905 6834

Cuenca, Ecuador

Rosa Nivelo
099 905 6834

Drawer bathroom / massages / natural therapy

In times of stress, come and relax with our services of drawer baths, massages and natural therapies.

We help our clients achieve complete well-being through relaxation and breathing services.

Drawer bathrooms: The drawer bath is one of the variants of the steam baths. The drawer bathroom, being in a more closed environment, in a canvas cabin, gives greater warmth and its benefits are enhanced.

– It helps with blood circulation
– Eliminates dead cells
– Lowers cholesterol levels
– It helps you lose weight
– Helps fight respiratory problems
– Healthy and smooth skin


Freddy Melendez

I offer at home therapies to recover joint mobility, body relaxation therapies, relaxing massages, de-contracting, lymphatic drainage, facial cleansing, measures reduction treatments, among others

At home / Viracochabamba and Guapondelig avenues

Freddy Melendez

098 313 3811

Chevy Aveo

My Chevy Aveo is a 2012 in good shape for only $6,500.


Bolivar 6-40

Jon LaBouef
098 494 9008

End of Life document

Do you need to have a Will or an End-of-Life document made here in Ecuador?

I know legal paperwork can be confusing and stressful, and that’s why I know I can help you. I can prepare the documents you need and have the best notary for the legalization.

I’ll always make an English version of everything so you can understand and be sure of what you’re signing.

Making sure you get the best deal is my job and my pleasure.

I’m a fluent English-speaking attorney, and I can help you with legal issues such as: legal documents, lease contracts, legal advice, and much more.

I have experience working with Americans in Cuenca, and I really enjoy it. I am also a translator and interpreter who can help you translating any kind of document (legal, medical, documents for visa process, etc.).

I can help you as your personal interpreter for your appointments, errands, video conferences, and more.

Juan Montalvo 7-40 y Sucre

Javier Munoz
099 582 0754

Recommendation for Javier, driver/interpreter/advocate

As a former teacher of English, Javier understands not only the language but idioms, and his driving is excellent. He introduced me to an incredibly inexpensive dentist (cheaper than Cuenca prices), he helped me with the Cuenca rental market (and saved me from choosing the wrong place), he did research for me when he was not paid for it, he gave a Barrios tour which helped me decide where I wanted to rent, he seems to know almost anything you could ask and where to get anything you want. He is very personable but non-intrusive. He’s been helping people professionally since 2010. I can’t recommend him enough!

Javier Contact information: 099 815 0756

Recommended by Kevin O’Kane:

Gran Roca Wednesday Farm-to-Table Market at Tienda Nectar today

The Gran Roca Farm-to-Table Market will be at Tienda Nectar today. We produce everything we sell on our sustainable permaculture farm in the Yunguilla Valley, about an hour southwest of Cuenca. Our wide variety of products, including fruits and vegetables, milk products, eggs, chicken, beef and pork, provide everything you need to give your family fresh, healthy, delicious meals.

All of our produce is harvested in the morning for purchase in the afternoon — only a few hours old. We’ll be bringing special produce varieties not available anywhere else, like our heirloom tomatoes, rainbow chard, multi-colored carrots, Italian zucchini, broccoli florets, striped and yellow beets, wax beans, English cucumbers, real spinach, special lettuces, big, healthy curly kale, blue and purple dinosaur kale, daikon radishes, leeks, onions, sweet peppers, bok choy and more.


One-day Conscious Breathwork Workshop

Free your body and spirit as you tap into your inner knowing. In this workshop you will learn a powerful technique that combines active meditation and guided breathwork to attain a state of altered consciousness and achieve various benefits, such as: reduced stress and anxiety, increased energy, correcting bad breathing patterns, presence, improved sense of wellbeing, connectedness with others and one’s self!

Instructor, Lisa Jones, is an internationally-recognized Conscious Breathing Practitioner since 1998 and has taught thousands of individuals on four continents; supporting their journeys into the body/mind realm. Lisa blends all her trainings: 2 Breathwork Facilitator Certifications, Reiki Master, Shamanism and other energy healing techniques into her sessions.

There are few spaces available so sign up soon by contacting Sarah HB at idiomART!

Tuesday, January 11 from 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM, $35, idiomART is located at: Presidente Cordova, between Miguel Angel Estrella y Manuel Vega (diagonal from Coral Centro downtown), Cuenca.

Sarah HB:

Being the Ricardos – on the big screen

After a short break, La Guarida will be back next week with

Being the Ricardos
a film by Aaron Sorkin
in English with Spanish subtitles
with incredible performances by
Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem

Wednesday, January 12th at 6:45 PM
Doors open at 5:45 PM
Reservations with dinner are required
Tel. 099 806 8071


Follows legend TV icon, Lucy Ball (1911-1989) and her husband Desi Arnaz as they face a crisis that could end their careers and another that could end their marriage. An incredible window into the lives Desi y Lucy.

We are located at Mariscal Lamar and Luis Pauta.

January 12th, from 6:45 to 9:45 PM, Free, Mariscal Lamar and Luis Pauta, Cuenca.

Andres: 099 806 8071

Nia Technique and 5 Sensations of Longevity & Healing class

Join Nia Technique teacher Lisa Jones in the Five Sensations of Longevity & Healing.

The Nia Technique fuses the essence of dance, martial arts and the healing arts. You will explore a combination of 9 movement forms that honor the body’s way to awareness with benefits that include fine tuning your body, improved muscle tone, greater flexibility, agility, balance, posture alignment, more vitality while creating new brain pathways.

Be prepared to deepen your body’s awareness and have fun!

Classes are:
Tuesdays (Jan. 11, 18, 26) ~ 9 – 10 AM
Thursdays (Jan. 14, 21, 28) ~ 4 – 5 PM

$10 for each individual class
$25 for 3 classes
$50 for all 6 classes

Contact Sarah HB at idiomART to register.

Jan. 11, 14, 18, 21, 26, 28, prices are described above, idiomART is located at: Presidente Cordova, between Miguel Angel Estrella y Manuel Vega (diagonal from Coral Centro downtown), Cuenca.

Sarah HB:

Feast of the Epiphany, 6-1-2022

Please gather with St. Christopher Episcopal Mission to celebrate the Feast of the epiphany on Thursday, January 6th at 4 PM

All people are welcome to worship with St. Christopher’s regardless of their faith tradition. Masks are required.

The Feast of the Epiphany begins another season within the church’s calendar year during which liturgical readings center on God manifested in the person of Jesus Christ. The word epiphany means to “manifest” or “reveal” or “show.”

Bartolomé de las Casas y 5-34 Tirso de Molina
096 795 9674

Thursday, January 6th, from 4 to 5 PM, free, Bartolomé de las Casas y 5-34 Tirso de Molina, Cuenca.

Calvin E Hefner TSSF: 096 795 9674

A very special tribute to Selena

Last year Carnales Mexican Grill commemorated the 25 years since Selena’s tragic death by organizing a tribute show honoring her musical legacy and highlighting the many social contributions that she made to her community. Due to the high demand for more shows, we added a few extra dates, each one of them selling out. We are once again proud to announce the 6th Selena Tribute Concert schedule for Saturday, January 29th. Tickets are $15, and includes a special menu made just for this intimate event, plus ice cold margaritas or beer.

Carnales Mexican Grill offers the very best in Sonoran style cuisine, with your choice of 9 different grilled or braised meats, all served on hand made flour tortillas made fresh every single day.

January 29th, from 3 to 4:30 PM, $15, Avenida Gonzalez Suarez 858, Cuenca.

Richard: 098 434 8665

Special showing Wed/Thurs Jan 5 & 6 for designer furnishings

Turn-key dream household furnishings in Ecuador

Are you looking to move to Ecuador, furnish a house here, or furnish a rental or business?

I have the furnishings of a turn-key 3 BR household for sale, many carpets, new appliances, everything you need to fully furnish your casa. All very high-quality designer furniture imported from US or collected from around the world. I am a designer/artist. You will not find these items in Ecuador.

These are new items, not shown before in a previous sale of another household.

Even bringing this amount in a container to Ecuador now costs in excess of $12,000. I am not including that cost. All the heavy lifting is done for you! Everything is new, barely used or antique.

I prefer to sell this as a unit to one person. That offer will take precedence.
However, full or partial purchase is welcome.

You can browse the items at this link, they are shown as they currently rest in the apartment—scroll through the pics:
vrbo listing # 1797898

Please know that a few items in the photos are not for sale, and things not pictured on this link will be for sale.

There will be a formal showing this week, January 5 and 6.

I will take appointments in the order I receive the inquiries, starting at 10 AM – 7 PM on the 5th and 6th.
Currently we have openings 3-7 PM Wednesday and Thursday all day.

I just have this short window for showing, so please do not ask for times outside that window. You can come and tag the items you wish to purchase, make a down payment (50%) to hold them, and pick them up March 9.

I will have a list of prices at the showing.
Items not for sale (NFS) will be tagged.

Contact me by email or phone or WhatsApp for more information, or for my US number.

Only serious inquiries please!

January 5 & 6, 10 AM – 7PM, 9-40 Padre Aguirre, between Bolivar y G Columbia, next door to VATEX, Cuenca.

Mary T: 099 925 8138 or WhatsApp

Butter, fresh blueberries and organic products

We bring organic products of excellent quality at a good price. You can check the list below:

1 egg (free-range, organic) $0.30
1 lb fresh blueberries $6
1 lb 100% organic cocoa powder $2.50
1 lb 100% organic cacao $6

1 lb organic raw butter $3
1 lb mozzarella cheese $3.50

1 lb peanuts $2.50
1 lb almonds $5.50
1 lb walnuts $5.50


Delicious Tiramisu

Hello everybody, Happy New Year, and thank you for choosing us.

Now I will offer a delicious Tiramisu for weekends, Saturday and Sunday.

Please order one day in advance and send message by WhatsApp.

For 4 servings the price is $8
For 6 servings the price is $12

All days, Euclides y del Cebollar

Eulalia: 099 253 7133

Our first concert of the year; don’t wait

For our first concert of the year, we are proud to present:

Trio La Comarca
in an exclusive dinner-concert

Thursday, January 13th at 7:30 PM
Doors open at 6 PM
Admission $10
Reservations with dinner required
Tel. 099 806 8071

Trio La Comarca, is an award-winning musical group. They come from a very long tradition of local musicians and this is the perfect opportunity to hear and enjoy Ecuador’s best rhythms: Vals and Pasillos. ‘La Comarca,’ is an energetic musical experience where undoubtedly can’t help to tap your feet to their rhythms and you are assured a great, fantastic, truly marvelous evening.

Getting to La Guarida is simple. Just jump on the tranvia and get off La Cuadra Station. Don’t miss out this incredible film with an equally amazing dinner.

January 13th, from 7:30 PM to 9:45 PM, 10.00, Mariscal Lamar and Luis Pauta, Cuenca.

Andres: 099 806 8071