Chan Chan Dairy Products this Tuesday…

Good day to all of you. Best wishes and good health in 2022. This week we are offering our Pepper Jack, Alpine and our nice little rounds of French cheese. These little rounds have the flavor of Brie but firmer texture. Delicious on crackers and toast. Also available, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, fresh milk, chocolate milk, cream and blackberry yogurt.

Come down to Dos Sucres this Tuesday from 8:45-10 for fresh dairy products, organic produce and tasty bread. A great place to pick up some delicious food to start your week.

If you can´t make it to Dos Sucres, pick up your order at the Smokehouse or Tienda Nectar or arrange for an early afternoon home delivery ($2).

Tuesday, Jan. 4th from 8:45 – 10 AM, Dos Sucres-Roberto Crespo Toral 3-56 (8:45-10 AM), Smokehouse (pick-up Tuesday after 10:30 AM), Tienda Nectar (pick-up after 11 AM)

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