Happy New Year from Bernan’s Home Canned Foods

Bernie and I want to thank all of you for your continued support throughout the last 7 years. It’s hard to believe that Bernie’s Hobby turned into a full-time job in our retirement. Now… having said that, a lot of you call it a job but Bernie still considers it his hobby. I guess when you do something you love doing, that’s exactly what it is. He is definitely the people person in this operation so I just stay behind the scene and keep things running smoothly. Well, most of the time!

This holiday season I baked 66 pumpkin pies. I didn’t get any bad reviews so they must have been good. I’m not a pumpkin fan so I wouldn’t know…lol. Some days it was a challenge coordinating the kitchen with baking and canning but we goterdone!
Now that the holidays are over, we want you to know that the pantry is full… so if there is anything you may need, just let us know. You can either stop by and shop or send us your order and Bernie can deliver. He is out delivering on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 10 AM and noon.
Again… Happy New Year! Here’s to a great 2022!
Hope to hear from you again soon.

Bernie and Nancy: bernan_10304@yahoo.com 096 714 6265.

City: Cuenca

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