Recommendation for Joseph Guznay, immigration attorney

There have been many stories about Cédula renewal – here’s mine: I’ve been a permanent expat resident in Cuenca for 12 years, single, on a retirement visa. My original cédula is due to expire in March (12 years after issuance, not 10 years, which is now the requirement). Having read horror stories of how complicated renewal is and how long the entire process could take, I thought I’d better start early. My everyday Spanish is pretty decent (ought to be perfect after 12 years, but ain’t). However, when it comes to interaction with governmental offices, I prefer to use a facilitator or lawyer.

I decided to ask Joseph Guznay to assist me in this case. Many of my friends have used his services successfully. Joseph responded to my email request within two days and told me what he needed: email copies of front and back side of my current cédula, first and visa page of my current passport, and IESS Certificado of Health Insurance (I use IESS) – nada más – absolutely nothing else! I sent those docs immediately, then patiently waited for his response. Less than a month later (last week), I got a brief email: paperwork will be ready end of this week; meet my assistant, Jenny, on Tuesday (yesterday) at 8 AM at the main entrance, under the white tent, at the Registro Civil, parque Luis Cordero. Bring your passport, original cédula, proof of immunization (which I had, but ended up not needing to show after all) $16 cash to pay for the new cédula, and my fee, if you’re paying in cash, or you may deposit or transfer it into my account [his fee, which, imho, was extremely reasonable, included all other governmental fees and his Cuenca assistant’s fee]. I showed up, as instructed, at 8 AM sharp. Jenny had already gotten my turno, R-1 – we were first in line, waiting time less than 5 minutes. My heart sank into the pit of my stomach when the nice lady clerk told me that the tiny village (my birthplace) in Germany didn’t exist in their system [I’m used to always having problem, so it shouldn’t really have surprised me]. Jenny said, “doesn’t matter, just pick any place on the list” which I did, Berlin, where I wasn’t born but grew up. Phew! Fingerprints (all ten fingers), remove glasses and mask, take photo (OMG, how I have aged over the past 12 years, yuk, worst picture ever), paid the $16, waited about 20 more minutes, got new cédula, gave Jenny the money for Joseph, and walked out at 9:30 AM. I’m good to go for the next 10 years. I immediately went next door and had three laminated copies made (I never take my original out of the house unless required for governmental/banking business). This was my experience; now if you’re married or are here on a different type of visa, the requirements for renewal may be somewhat different, but whatever your situation is, Joseph Guznay can and will handle it with the least possible headaches for you, and at a most reasonable fee.

Address: Quito/Cuenca

Contact information: 098 747 3181

Recommended by Ingrid Triki: 096 927 1008

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