Freyja natural products

At the end of the year, give yourself energy, love, protection and all the intentions you wish to express through our energetic soaps.

Weight of each soap: 120 grams
Value of each one: $4.50

Salt soap: will help you to remove blockages that are hindering your path.

Ruda and rosemary soap: the combination of these two herbs have great benefits, they unload and cleanse us of all bad energy.

Coconut soap: on days when you feel charged and with some kind of energy that does not belong to you, which at the same time makes you feel devitalized, use it, to sanitize your body and your vibration.

Sandalwood soap: it is a magnet of peace, love and above all, spirituality.
With its use, you bring positive energy and peace to your environment.


Love and peace surround my life,
I can achieve all that I desire.
I am a brilliant and creative being.
My spirit is filled with blessings.
I deserve the best and I accept it.
I free myself from all thoughts and beliefs that limit me and prevent me from flowing with my divine plan.

#naturelovers #positiveenergy #natureintheskin #energy #2022let’slive.

Luly: 099 801 1740.

City: Cuenca

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