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Free cocktail hair treatment! If you get any service from C&C, such as a haircut, hairstyles, manicure, pedicure, shaving, facials, hair color, etc
Step 1) shampoo which cleans delicately nourishing the hair day by day
Step 2) Mask a real pump even for the driest hair or it can be for greasy, porous, damaged hair or irritated scalp, so it texture with body gives your hair life in a few minutes to an explosion of nutrition, softness and shine.
Step 3) a valuable serum of Nutrition and shine that creates a barrier in the hair, protecting from humidity and making it extraordinarily nutritious and luminous hair.
So Don’t miss up your ABC day and get treat your self
and take advantage of this free cocktail hair treatment. Finishes January 31st, 2022. Please make sure to tell us about this huge free hair treatment.

Our prices 2022
Our C&C’s prices

1) Men’s hair cut includes shampooing $6
Shaving or just beard trim with hot towel hot steamer facial exfoliating for only $6, both services for only $12
2) Women’s haircut includes shampooing and conditioning $8
3) Blow dry $4 $5 $7 $8 $10 it all depends how much longer your hair is
4) Men’s Package includes ;
Manicure Pedicure +Haircut +Head Massage while you getting a Shampooing + shaving with hot towel + hot steamer + Express facial cleanse + finishing with aloe Vera $25
5) Manicure Pedicure unisex $12
6) Manicure $5
7) Pedicure $9
8) One hour full body massage $25
9) Express Facial cleanse $15
10) Gel nail polish $10
11) Deep hair treatment to prevent split ends or damaged caused from chemical treatments $10
12) Gray hair treatment to prevent yellowing color $10
13) Full body waxing $$$
14) Color , cut , Style , $35 and up
15) Foiled Highlights or baby lights $50 and up
16) keratin straightened $50 and up
17) Botox Capillary treatment $30 $40 to prevent frizzy hair
18) blow dry and flat ironing $8 and up
19) Any styles or braidings for your romantic dinner or any event $7 and up
20) Shoulder or Neck Massage $5 15mts

Please call 098 814 8902 or WhatsApp, iMessage, text message. We take walk-ins but Appointments are appreciated for your best convenience. We accept international credit cards.

At C&C each client is important to us. So, we increase the use of the disposable neck strap paper before putting on the cape to cut their hair. After each client we disinfect the chairs and our work stools to avoid any contagion other than the Corona virus because we know that in many salons they use the same cape for all clients. But, that does not happen in C&C. So C&C cares about you and your loved ones. The clientele are our priority.

Clemencia Vizhñay

Ordóñez Lasso y los Claveles next door from Pichincha Bank

Clemencia Vizhnay
098 814 8902

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