Dermatologist Recommendation

Any dermatologist recommendations in Cuenca? I get Basel Cell skin cancer and require skin exams and occasional surgery for removal. Thanks,


Two adorable puppies for adoption

The puppies’ pregnant mother was rescued as she was about to be hanged from a tree. The poor mother doggie died shortly after birth and then sadly, three of the puppies died subsequently as well. These are the two little survivors that need a loving home. They are 8.5 weeks old.

We have a male and female. Both have received a vet visit, have been wormed and received first vaccinations.

The mother was a manageable medium size so we think these puppies will probably be as well. See attached photo for reference.

If you are interested in meeting these precious babies, please contact me.

Jo Austin: 099 535 7387. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Looking for job

Hellooo You!

My name is Marizabel Jimenez. I’m looking for a part-time or a full-time job. I can help you with your medical appointments, dog walking and other jobs that you may need help with. I am very responsible and I love pets. I also have experience as waitress. I can do any job and I learn quickly.

If you’re looking for someone, here’s my contact information so You let me know anything. Thanks.

Marizabel Jimenez: 099 823 4613. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca

Looking for a tree lopper

I have some trees on my property that are too tall for the average ladder, and need the tops to be lopped.
Also, a large bougainvillea tree that needs trimming…


Jane Hunt: 097 879 7350. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

CDC suspension of dogs entering US from Ecuador

Does anyone have experience trying to obtain the CDC’s permission to bring their dog to the US, if the dog was vaccinated in Ecuador? Especially challenging is the requirement that the dog be tested for rabies antibodies, which has to be done by an approved lab. There are no approved labs in Ecuador. Thanks for any help/information.

Jan Van Norte: .

City: Cuenca

Spanish/English conversations

I have a very basic knowledge of Spanish but I feel I learn fastest when I have someone to speak with in Spanish but who also knows English.

Dona Nadeau: 098 421 2740. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Free-standing metal cabinet with doors

Looking for gently used free standing metal cabinet with doors that lock, fitted with metal shelving.

Calvin E Hefner TSSF: 096 795 9674. Call after: 10 AM.

City: Cuenca

Inversion table, love seat

We are looking for an inversion table. Hope, hope, hope. We are also looking for a comfortable love seat or two comfortable recliners. Colors need to be earth tones. Thank you for your help,

David Thomas: .

City: Cuenca

Dental extraction specialist

Does anyone know of a local dentist who specializes in complicated cases of extractions with follow-up care?

Thanks for your time and caring.

Jon: .

City: Cuenca

Do you know a Spanish teacher that teaches people who have dyslexia?

I have been trying to learn Spanish for years unsuccessfully. I was wondering if I found a teacher who would teach one on one classes that was trained to teach people with dyslexia would make a difference in my Spanish journey. I would really appreciate the recommendations.

Olivia: .

City: Cuenca

Looking for 1 bedroom apartment for short-term rental

Looking for 1 bedroom furnished apartment for short-term rental in Cuenca, $400-$600, I don’t have pets.

Looking to rent all-inclusive suite/apartment close to city center for the month of February. Tim

Tim White

Large standing whiteboard

I have a nearly new large 2-sided standing whiteboard. No discoloration, stains or scratches. Dimensions for whiteboard are 50x33x71

Diagonal of whiteboard itself is 56.5”
Comes with 8 dry markers (various colors and eraser)

Great for presentations or teaching.

I have WhatsApp

Thank you

Cynthia: 098 600 6220.

City: Cuenca

JD’s Muebles, a furnishing Store

You want to furnish your house or apartment? Are you new in Cuenca? Come to JD’s Muebles. We have what you need: furniture, appliances, mattresses, TVs, etc. We deliver and install.

We’re always ready to answer your questions and help you get the products you need. Visit our store to meet our friendly team and see what a difference buying local with an experienced staff can make.

We look forward to seeing you at JD’s Muebles

21-111 Gran Colombia y Unidad Nacional

Klever: 098 706 9136.

City: Cuenca

Freyja natural products

At the end of the year, give yourself energy, love, protection and all the intentions you wish to express through our energetic soaps.

Weight of each soap: 120 grams
Value of each one: $4.50

Salt soap: will help you to remove blockages that are hindering your path.

Ruda and rosemary soap: the combination of these two herbs have great benefits, they unload and cleanse us of all bad energy.



I have just moved and have about 50 boxes for sale. Also a lot of foam wrapping.
$50 for all of it.

Diane: 096 716 0351.

City: Cuenca

The Hop Factory: New Year’s special, buy 3 beers and get one free

Just this Friday, New Year’s special: buy 3 beers and get one free (only valid inside the brewery plant).

Happy New Year.

We will open on Thursday and Friday from 1:30 to 7:30 PM. We are on east side of Cuenca, Calle del Himno y Bandera Nacional. We have darts and chess boards available to play, as well as outdoor seating.

Our available beers are: Bourbon Barrel (11.5%) $4, IPA (6%) $3, Stout (6%) $3, American Amber Ale (6%) $3, Pale Ale (5.5%) $3. We make a truly “old school” beer that is unfiltered and naturally carbonated.


Yellow gas tanks $48

Yellow empty gas tanks, $48, includes delivery in Cuenca. Call or send a message by WhatsApp. Paola: 098 336 9472. City: Cuenca
Paola Salvador: 098 336 9472.

City: Cuenca


100% handmade catrina dolls
Size: 12 cm.

Cemuart, Local 031 interior- ground floor
General Torres 7-33 and Presidente Cordova- Plaza San Francisco

(facebook) 593guidomarquez

Guido Malla Marquez: 099 296 8493 WhatsApp.

City: Cuenca

Miscellaneous kitchen items

New-embossed wooden rolling pin, engraved embossing rolling with turtles and smaller embossed paisley one for baking cookies. 2 for $25

Pineapple corer from Hawaii $10

Oster hand held blender $30

1 box of Bonito soup stock great for Dashi. $10
1 large box of Japanese brown rice tea with matcha $ 20 (64) bags

Thank you,

I have WhatsApp

Cynthia: 098 600 6220.

City: Cuenca

Glenn David Gano with Kristin Grzegorek, live

Glenn David Gano with Kristin Grzegorek in concert at the Jazz Society Café.

Don’t miss this special performance.

Dinner service starts 5 PM.

Music starts at 6 PM

Happy Hour All Night!

Great music, generous drinks, delicious food!

2×3 on all cocktails

29th of December, Wednesday, $5 cover fee goes directly to the artist., Corner of Los Cedros and Los Claveles *one block north of Ordonez Lasso, Cuenca.

Debby Degamo: Phone: English: 093 934 2714 Español: 096 322 3377

New Year’s Eve Banana Rock, advance tickets on sale now

New Year’s Eve with Banana Rock band at Common Grounds–advance tickets on sale now at Common Grounds. Only $5

This is Common Grounds 5th Annual New Year’s Eve show. Cristian says don’t worry! There will be taxis! This is the biggest money-making night of the year for taxis, and there have never been problems at his New Year’s events.

So come on out and welcome in 2022

Don’t want to stay out late? No worries! We start at 7:30 PM.

Easy $5 cover charge goes directly to the band.

Come and experience the close of 2021 with the brand-new Banana Rock band. Some of Cuenca’s most talented musicians. All dance music all night long. We think you’ll find this is a fresher, more modern dance mix than you’re used to hearing in Cuenca.

Call 098 107 9406 to reserve your table. Come early for dinner and to chat with friends. Music starts at 7:30 PM. See poster for details.

Music made famous by:

Michael Jackson
The Weeknd
Dua Lipa
Tom Petty
Bruno Mars
Daft Punk
John Mellencamp
Cyndi Lauper
Bob Marley
Amy Winehouse
The Beatles
Martha Reeves and the Vandellas
The Outfield
Ray Charles
Joe Cocker
and more…

New Year’s Eve, Friday, Dec 31st, 7:30 PM, $5, Common Grounds, Gran Colombia y Unidad Nacional, Cuenca.

Jan Wallace: Reservations: 098 107 9406

New Year’s Eve Party at the Jazz Society Cafe!

Celebrate New Year’s Eve at the Jazz Society Café!

Great jazz, generous drinks, delicious food, fireworks! 7 PM—Midnight

Featuring: Mariangel and The Jazz Devils!

“Be there or be square!”

Private transportation available.

“If you haven’t been to Cuenca’s Jazz Society Café yet do yourself a favor and check them out! I’ve been to jazz clubs and festivals around the world and the music here blew me away. The acoustics are fantastic, and Jim Gala is undoubtedly an incredibly talented musician.The music, the food and drinks – just phenomenal!”


Happy New Year, dear friends and customers

Bluebox advisors, wishes you happy holidays and a prosperous new year. May joy and faith reign in your homes.

We inform our dear affiliates that on Friday, December 31, we will not be attending in our offices in Cuenca and Manta, but from Monday, January 3 we will be happy to assist you in our offices. We also inform you that due to the end of the month, some reimbursements and issuance of contracts will take a few days more than usual, but once the company begins its work we will send you your pending reports.

Thank you for choosing Bluebox to take care of you and what you love, we are here with the noble mission to help and serve.

Av Ordóñez lasso Y Los Cedros

Carlos Ramirez
098 246 5168

Alvarez and Cabrera, lawyers

You have legal problems! Don’t worry, our team of lawyers can help you with any claim, contract, lawsuit, complaint.

We can advise you on all kinds of legal procedures of any public entity.

Please contact us 099 005 3629 / email for free consultation.
It will be a pleasure to serve you.

Ave. Paucarbamba 3-23 y Los Fresnos

Eduardo Cabrera

End of Life Document – Will

Do you need to have a Will or an End of Life Document made here in Ecuador?

I know legal paperwork can be confusing and stressful, and that’s why I know I can help you. I can prepare the documents you need and have the best notary for the legalization.

I’ll always make an English version of everything so you can understand and be sure of what you’re signing.

Making sure you get the best deal is my job and my pleasure.


$60 for 1 session at Roosvelt’s

Rolfing / vitamin C iv. / body work / physical therapy

Edificio La Cuadra 1, office 1-1 Cuenca, Ecuador

I would like to announce that below is my new number!

Rolfing Cuenca

098 162 6813

The Doctor is in the House (MedCare)

Dr. Ory Torres Family Medicine and professor at the school of medicine University of Cuenca provides home visits and consultation.


Dr Torres
099 098 1669

Carpenter, Cuenca Ecuador

Furniture maker, in all types of wood, Nordic, industrial and rustic design.

Miguel Velez y Sangurima Esquina

Daniel Rivera

098 376 5126

Organization of spaces and professional cleaning

As part of my Catalina’s Garage Services entrepreneurship, I have the pleasure of providing my services in:

1) Organization of spaces: We organize spaces in houses and offices. Cupboards, closets, cellars and files. Everything organized, clean, that inspires serenity. We adequately handle biosecurity measures, for your tranquility. We have more than 7 months of experience (in the process of international certification).
Ask for your appointment, we go to your house, or, via zoom, we will prepare a work plan together and organize the space to your utility and comfort.


Are you moving and do not want to deal with the hassle?

We can help you! We know how annoying and tiring it is to clean when you have to hand over your apartment when you move in. That is why we offer you our specialized cleaning service. Your apartment will remain as you received it and thus you will not lose your guarantee. If you want, we can also get rid of things that you are no longer going to use. We give a second chance to all the clothes, furniture and accessories. Everything goes directly to the people in need who are part of our foundation. In this way your apartment will be clean and you will not have to worry about things that are left over at the end of the day. Let us know if you require this service and contact us.

Fundacion Hogar de Esperanza

Sucre 12 84 y Juan Montalvo

Fernando Alvarez
099 094 7611

Santa Ana Clinic

Our laboratory is open 24 hours a day and offers home delivery M-F in the morning, we have promotion with antigens $10 and PCR RT $42.

And in the pharmacy, you will be given a discount of 5% on your prescription.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Manuel J. Calle y Paucarbamba. Cuenca

Carol Pedauga
099 806 3062


Hi, my name is Edwin

I’m from Cuenca. I’m available as a driver for anyone who needs to go shopping, medical appointments, buy something, moving, trips to airports, facilitator

Please be aware use a facial mask.

Thank you.

Cuenca, Ecuador

096 335 4020

C&C unisex hair design / barber Shop

Free cocktail hair treatment! If you get any service from C&C, such as a haircut, hairstyles, manicure, pedicure, shaving, facials, hair color, etc
Step 1) shampoo which cleans delicately nourishing the hair day by day
Step 2) Mask a real pump even for the driest hair or it can be for greasy, porous, damaged hair or irritated scalp, so it texture with body gives your hair life in a few minutes to an explosion of nutrition, softness and shine.
Step 3) a valuable serum of Nutrition and shine that creates a barrier in the hair, protecting from humidity and making it extraordinarily nutritious and luminous hair.
So Don’t miss up your ABC day and get treat your self
and take advantage of this free cocktail hair treatment. Finishes January 31st, 2022. Please make sure to tell us about this huge free hair treatment.


Recommendation for Jimmy Quintero, massage and energy therapy

I had my first in-home massage and energy therapy by Jimmy Quintero. He is an intuitive, compassionate professional. I’m going through a physical challenge at the moment and Jimmy’s attention to my situation gave me immense comfort. It was obvious that he has been an expert in his profession for years.
I truly feel that I am in good hands.

Even though I’ve just had 1 session I highly recommend Jimmy. If you could use to have a heart and body lifting massage and energy therapy experience call, email or WhatsApp Jimmy. (He speaks basic English and fluent Spanish)

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 430 1326

Recommended by Monica Hiatt:

Recommendation for AP shipping, shipping for expats

AP shipping delivers! I am very pleased with Pam’s service. She has responded to my inquiries quickly and courteously. In my last three orders all items arrived intact and in a timely manner. Her rates are very reasonable and she provides convenient options for payment. The Servientrega pick up service is convenient for me as I live in Vilcabamba. I highly recommend AP shipping.

Address: 6366 Brandywine Dr. N, Margate, Fl. 33063

Contact information:

Recommended by Suzanne Freddie:

Don Colon’s New Year’s Eve celebration

After almost 2 bad pandemic years, it is time to celebrate. That is why Don Colon is putting together a New Year’s celebration special. Starting with a hot French onion soup and followed by a delicious and juicy twin lobster dinner with salad. And, of course, some champagne to ring in 2022.

Luis will provide the entertainment.
Taxi will be available for a safe return home

Friday December 31st., $25 pp, Sucre y Beningno Malo, Cuenca.

Don Colon: 099 827 0703

King Smokehouse wishes Happy New Year!

To each and every one of our family and friends, we wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year. As 2021 “grinds” to a close, King Smokehouse is featuring fabulous ground meats for your table. Ground beef, lamb, turkey, as well as our handcrafted sausages are ready for you to enjoy. Haven’t seen Felix? He is on vacation (well deserved) with his family but the Tienda Gourmet is open and stocked just for you. Stop by for all those delicious (sometimes hard to find) items you crave. We are just across from Parque San Sebastian on Coronel Talbot.

Daily from 9 until 5 (Sat. 9:30-4:30). Closed Sunday, Coronel Talbot 8-66 y Simon Bolivar

Felix Salinas: 096 904 7724

Tanta la Madre Masa

We want to send you a warm greeting from Tanta la Madre Masa, I hope you are well and safe. We are baking new products and always with security measures. It is important to remind you that our breads are sugar free, free of animal products, without chemical preservatives, lactose free and very low in gluten thanks to the fermentation process.

We still have everyone’s favorites:

• Classic sourdough (900 gr.) price: $4


Gran Roca, Wednesday Farm-to-Table Market at Tienda Nectar today

The Gran Roca Farm-to-Table Market will be at Tienda Nectar this week on Wednesday. We produce everything we sell on our sustainable permaculture farm in the Yunguilla Valley, about an hour southwest of Cuenca. Our wide variety of products, including fruits and vegetables, milk products, eggs, chicken, beef and pork, provide everything you need to give your family fresh, healthy, delicious meals.


Our final concert of the year

La Guarida is proud to present:

Los Decanos de la Música
in an exclusive dinner concert

Thursday, December 30th at 7:30 PM
Doors open at 6 PM
Admission: $10
Reservations with dinner requests are required
Limited capacity
Tel. 099 806 8071
Please bring your vaccination card.


First, First Tuesday to Turi walk

Next Tuesday, the 4th of January, we will take out first walk to Turi of The New Year! We will meet at 9 AM at Tres Puentes as usual. Please reserve so we know to wait and also in case we need to cancel because of Covid restrictions.

Tuesday, January 4th, 9 AM, Free, Tres Puentes, Cuenca.

Paul Kaperick:

Wes the Mentalis…Common Grounds

Wes the Mentalist…never before seen effects.

Wes the Mentalist begins the New Year at one of his old venues, Common Grounds.

Audience praise from Cuenca to Vilcabamba.
“Very entertaining.” “A great show.” “How did you know what I was thinking?“

An evening of Mystery…Laughter…Fun.

Reservations recommended.

January 8, 6 PM seating. 6:15 pre-show. 7 PM performance, $7. Common Grounds, Cuenca.

Wes Elliott:

New Year’s Concert

Ecuadorian music has several musical genres that define the history and tradition of each town.

Through music, its protagonists have achieved experiences that are part of the national heritage, leaving an indelible mark on present and future generations.

Geovanny Bedón presents the concert, ”Three decades of music” to continue this legacy.

January 8th, 2022, $10, YouTube online concert, Quito (capital).

Geovanny Bedon: 098 800 3277 (WhatsApp)