Recommendation for Delanclear Cañar Azuay, upholstery cleaning-sofas, rugs, mattresses

I recently hired Delanclear to clean my beige colored sofa and loveseat. We did not buy this furniture new, but actually bought it from some foreigners that had to move back to Germany, but had three big dogs. Needless to say, there were some spots left on the sofas from the dogs and of course, just general maintenance needed on our light colored sofas.

We had always looked to get them professionally cleaned but hadn’t because I couldn’t find a company that did a decent job at a decent price, and with COVID, I didn’t trust just anyone coming into my home. Well, I finally decided to bite the bullet and hire someone to do it. I am so glad I hired Delanclear! Not only were they extremely professional, punctual (right on time – 8 AM sharp) but they did an absolute perfect job on my sofas.

One thing I also really appreciated is that they are a husband and wife team so, as a younger woman, I felt very comfortable having them in my home. I also was very impressed with their professionalism, honesty with their prices (I’m a gringa so I sometimes get told other prices than locals) and they wore masks the whole time while in my home, without me having to tell them! (I know they should naturally, but I’ve had other companies show up without masks, where I’ve actually had to tell them to leave).
I just found out they not only clean furniture upholstery but also rugs and mattresses, so I will be having them clean all of my mattresses next. If you are looking to get a tough stain out of your couch, bought something second hand and want to ‘make it new’ again, or just want to keep up with maintenance (which is what I plan to do) I would highly recommend Delanclear!

Address: Cañar/Azuay Provinces

Contact information: 098 479 2795 or 098 775 6790

Recommended by Britt Stein: 098 463 5213
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