One-eyed sweet boy for adoption

This is Dusty, a possibly two-year-old, male, former street dog from Cuenca.

I found him several months ago when I arrived home early evening. He was curled up against our gate, covered in blood. I called our veterinarians and they took him immediately. He had puncture wounds, torn ear, ripped skin, and a badly damaged eye. I can’t believe he survived. Not only did he survive, he thrived.

A good friend adopted Dusty and he joined a pack of 6 dogs. After 6 weeks of obedience training and getting neutered, he played and got along with all but one dog in that pack, the older male. This month, Dusty was hurt badly by that male dog. He can’t stay with my friend anymore. Dusty needs a new home.

Dusty had no problems getting along with all dogs at the obedience training facility. The rest of my friend’s pack played with him. He is good on a leash and needs his walks. Dusty has had all of his shots and can live indoors and outdoors, fenced. The trainer has mentioned that Dusty is highly intelligent and quite trainable. This is a sweet, one-eyed, 25-pound boy, energetic and happy.

I love Dusty but can’t take another dog right now with three in the household already, two of them quite large. Just look at that happy face in this photo. My heart is broken. Please give my sweet boy a loving home.

Jackie Sario: 098 508 1473. Call after: 10 AM.

City: Cuenca

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