Bluebox offers the best insurance for visa and cedula in Ecuador

When you arrive in Ecuador many doubts will arise in you about the process of hiring insurance and you will ask yourself several times what is the best insurance for me? What should I consider in insurance, and how long will I be insured in Ecuador? If you have an international health insurance you will surely have even more doubts about the coverage, but Bluebox is here to solve each of your doubts and guide you through the best way.

Insurance for visa or cedulación in Ecuador can be basic medical insurance with convenient coverage for you and comfortable monthly payments, to meet this goal we have generated a specific plan for you, we have a plan that gives you coverage per event of $6,000 with an annual deductible of $100 and a monthly payment that is so easy to pay that you will not feel that you hired insurance for $39.20 per month.

This insurance is backed by a European company with extensive experience that will allow you to make use of this insurance in case you need to do so, you will have unlimited medical appointments, coverage for medical exams, medicine, surgeries, physical rehabilitation and additional benefits that will be of great help.

Only blue box brings you the best coverage with the best prices, remember that our staff is fully bilingual and is available for you and all your requirements.

Do not hesitate to contact us, our advice is totally free, if you already have medical insurance we can represent you, call us at 098 246 5168 or leave us an email at; we will be happy to attend to your requirements.

Av Ordóñez lasso Y Los Cedros

Carlos Ramirez
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