Volleyball recharge!

Please reserve/commit to comments or email message by Saturday morning if you are able to play volleyball on Sunday, Nov. 28 from noon to 2 PM. We need at least 8 players to confirm or the game will be cancelled. We will notify everyone by Saturday at 7 PM to say if the game is on at Parque Vergel.

We invite you to join us!

Due to rainy weather and COVID concerns, Sunday 6 on 6 Volleyball needs new faces, ideas, and energy.

1. We are changing back to the original time of noon to 2 PM on Sundays to try to avoid the rain.
2. New players are welcomed and needed to strengthen our numbers. Come join us for exercise, fun, friendship. We are a friendly group of men and women from around the world. Please come watch or join in the play.
3. Help Needed – Volunteer or several volunteers are needed to be responsible for bringing the volleyball equipment to the park each week. Other players will help set the net up and take it down. It packs in a bag about 40 inches (1 meter) and weighs about 23 pounds (10.5 kilos). It easily fits in a taxi if needed. If interested in helping, go this Sunday and volunteer.
You can also join us on our Facebook page (Cuenca “Bump-Set- Spike” volleyball)

Sunday, November 28th, from noon to 2 PM (weather permitting), Free, Parque del Vergel which is just behind the Iglesia Catholica Santa Maria de El Vergel., Cuenca.

Garry: gl.e.volleyball@gmail.com
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