Survey on the integration as a foreigner in Cuenca

Hello Dear People,

My name is Gustav Lehstmann and I am a geography student from Germany at the University of Hamburg. I am currently writing my bachelor thesis on the integration of retirees from the Global North in Cuenca, Ecuador. I came up with this idea because I did a year of voluntary service in Riobamba and visited Cuenca several times.

This survey is about the coexistence between Ecuadorian and foreign society in Cuenca. Its questions address various aspects of everyday life and aim to find out what type of integration is present. The questionnaire includes about 34 questions, varying slightly depending on your selected answers. Accordingly, the editing time is about 5-10 min.

In the context of my thesis, I chose this medium to survey people both because of the pandemic and moreover because I think that most foreigners are very well connected online.

The information obtained as a result of this survey will be treated confidentially and anonymously and used exclusively for the purpose of the Bachelor thesis. In order for the survey to be carried out successfully, it is important that the questionnaire is answered in complete form.

Thank you for participating.

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Gustav Lehstmann

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