Recommendation for Daniela Velez, shopping and other services

Need assistance with shopping and other services?

Count on Daniela Velez!

Native of Cuenca
Great References
English Speaking

Reference for Daniela Velez:

For seven years, Daniela has been a helpful and loyal friend. A native of Cuenca, Daniela speaks English and drives her own vehicle.

Over time, Daniela has:

* Found us a lovely and affordable apartment and negotiated the lease

* Contacted movers and scheduled the move

* Personally assisted in packing and also used her own vehicle in the move

*Tirelessly worked with transferring internet service providers as required in the new apartment

* Directed us to stores around the city and accompanied us to negotiate prices and delivery

* Referred us to attorneys where she remained with us as we set up legal documents

* Offered indispensable help using her fluent Spanish.

Over the seven years, my husband and I have studied and learned to use our Spanish, and we can easily function at regular tasks, such as stores and taxis, even some doctors, on our own.

However, there are occasions when having a fluent Spanish speaker is necessary!

Daniela knows how it’s done in Cuenca.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 537 8546

Recommended by Janet Mitchell: 096 291 2005

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