For sale: Macbook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, late 2013)

Digital Nomad selling current work computer before going back to the US to get a new work computer.

Asking $500 (obo) – will accept Venmo/Paypal
Currently Apple is willing to give $340 for trade-in value (they always lowball value)


-2.3 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7
-16GB Ram
-500 GB storage
-Serial number: C2QMN01LFTPM
-Currently running MacOS Big Sur version: 11.6.1
-See ports and specs here:

I’m the original owner of this computer, bought in May, 2014. I paid $575 in September, 2018 to have work done by Apple to recertify it to like-new condition. They replaced the battery, logic board and made sure everything was working properly.

I have not had any issues with this computer and if you research online, this version of the MacBook Pro is one of the most reliable and sought after versions. The MacBook Pros after this version came with a worse keyboard, fewer ports, and a touch bar instead of physical control keys. This version also is easier to repair than future versions.

I’ve primarily used it every day for internet-based work with light video and photo editing and graphic editing using Photoshop. I’m selling it because I need more computing power for my work.

This computer will be great for someone that does a lot of internet browsing, document editing, etc.

There is a removable, protective cover sticker on the front of the computer.

Important: Because this is my work computer and I’m still working, this will only become available on Wednesday, December 1st.

I will factory-reset the computer for you before selling it. It will only come with Apple’s basic pre-installed software, no additional apps.

If you’re interested, have questions, want pictures, you can WhatsApp me at +1 503 852 1120

Jedd C: +1 503 852 1120.

City: Cuenca

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