Recommendation for Dr. Mario Sanchez, dentist and bio/neuro specialist

When I went to get my teeth cleaned, I asked Dr. Sanchez if his neural therapy included healing varicose veins. Mine had begun to protrude from my calves.He said he could help that. The neural therapy is done with an extract of the coca leaf, giving power and energy to the cells.

He used a very fine needle and syringe, and one week later, the large varicose veins disappeared! He then injected the smaller veins, and now they have disappeared.
I asked if he could assist with memory problems, and, yes he can! He uses a homeopathic remedy that he injects into the head. The needle is so fine I could barely feel it.

I highly recommend Dr. Sanchez’s therapy to make varicose veins disappear! Much less expensive than surgery, and almost non-invasive, except for the needle pricks.

Address: Ave Dias de Agosto, Edificio Pelicano

Contact information: 099 827 0149

Recommended by Jeannie alvin:
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