Frequency medicine physician

Frequency medicine physician, Lor Heartvibez, over 7 years of experience.
Frequency interacting with matter makes up our entire bodies and existences. Just like a symphony of musicians playing, if one instrument is off you either have to tune it back to resonance or kick the person playing wrongly out of the orchestra. Specifically to the body, you can’t remove an organ or dis-harmonious tissue without traumatizing the original blueprint of the body. As well as, with the tools of today, modern medicine has not mastered tuning an organ or tissue back to healthy resonance. So, to compensate, the other musicians or organs/tissues will have to make up for the incorrect sounds and vibrations by throwing themselves out of alignment for the betterment of the whole.
Over time, the musicians begin to play off key thinking it is the correct key, because the body has been off note for so long that, to the body, disharmony sounds correct.
In the body this is called dis-harmony or as medicine calls it…disease.

I have worked and been successful in many areas of chronic illness, chronic pains, chronic trauma’s and even spiritual/energetic illnesses.

The longest I tend to work with a client on a specific illness or issue in their life is no longer than 3 months, because the body will always remember the original blueprint harmonics of health once it feels the correct frequencies.

I was trained by many doctors in my life for a time as specific to the one we are in right now. In my studies and travel I was told over and over the path you are on right now will help bring together the modalities that have been separate in medicine for so long.
I have moved to Cuenca from America to be able to be free in sharing my wisdom and works with the people of this city and eventually the world.

If you feel you have tried everything and still feel you are suffering, give me a call or shoot me an email. I am here to help physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
My sessions range from $30 to $60 depending on what you need for your healing journey.

God bless Cuenca and people willing to support a brighter and better future in health, wealth and life. Amen.

Telegram +1 619 323 5391
Local number 095 994 5947
WhatsApp: +593 95 994 5947

Cuanca, Ecuador

Lore Heartvibez
Telegram +1 619 323 5391 Local number 095 994 5947 WhatsApp: +593 95 994 5947

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