Wes was right…

…he said it would be a great fundraiser and it was! Thank you for the excellent entertainment, Wes.

Thank you Frank Gonzalez and Kolo Restaurant and Bakery, for being an impeccable host and donating all the food for this event.

Thank you Gary Cross and the Cuenca English Lions Club Group, for the significant support. It will make a huge difference.

And thanks to all of you supporters and volunteers for helping our neighbors work towards a better future.

Finally, thank you to our fabulous volunteers who spent their Friday evening making it all happen: Barbara Hedrick Curry, Gary Curry, Pam Frederickson Kaperick, and Paul Kaperick.

Thank you,

Des Dizney, Bill O’Brien, and Smith


Cuenca Soup Kitchen Directors: info@cuencasoupkitchen.org .

City: Cuenca
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