Take Anonymous Posters With A Grain Of Salt – Part 2

On Friday, Nov.19, there was a post from Teresa Durrant entitled, “Take Anonymous Posters With A Grain Of Salt”. A woman obviously fed up with the rude, crude, nasty, mean spirited, obnoxious comments from gringos who feel it is their right to insult and defecate on the people who use this site to post helpful information to the expat community. I applaud Teresa Durrant for her bravery and honesty in bringing this issue to light.

GringoPost is an excellent tool for getting valuable information for living here in Cuenca. I applaud GringoPost for providing this service. But to get that information, posters expose themselves to a constant barrage of insults from gringos with nothing better to do, who hide behind their computer screens with their cute little made up “monikers”, ready to pounce with their worthless, meaningless, and boorish comments. Enjoying your retirement are we?

Last Friday’s post by Teresa Durrant was a case in point. 34 comments to her post and only a handful (maybe 5 or 6) of positive comments. Close to 30 comments were vile and disgusting. Disparaging and condescending. Name calling and unwarranted assumptions and accusations, and yes… threats from people who practice in everyday nastiness.

I applaud people like Marshall, Steve Feurbacher, Eric Fraterman, James K Polk, Teresa Durrant, Eden Cross, Linda Chase, Ken Morton, Regie, Rick Crook, and others who “get it” and use this site to provide helpful information based on personal experiences to help others in the gringo community.

What can be done about the minority of gringos who insist on using this site as their personal complaining platform. Unfortunately nothing. Trying to have a conversation with one of these people about their behavior is like a person of faith trying to have a conversation with an atheist that there is a God. Can’t be done. “It is my right”; “Freedom of Speech”; “it’s the internet, don’t like it don’t use it”… blah, blah, blah. Excuses from A to Z.

All we can hope for is that good people like the ones previously referenced who use this site to provide helpful information do not give up and give way to the low life’s who enjoy practicing their ignorance on a daily basis.

And a special shout out to “John”, who at every available opportunity provides false information about Expat Envoy being a criminal organization. Thank God for the mules here in Cuenca who make life a little easier for expats.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Michael Littmann

City: Cuenca

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