Recommendation for Leo Loza, driver / assistant; driving, handyman

Leo is an ex-taxi driver who knows Cuenca and surrounds very well. He will be your personal driver anywhere you want to go; he does pick up and drop to Guayaquil or Loja. Leo is also a great helper; through the last few years of coping with an illness, I don’t know what I would have done without him. He is an adviser, if you want it; he can get your shopping; do gardening with great help from his lovely wife, Margui; he has made wooden gates for me, helped me pack to move, dealt with plumbing disasters and more. He speaks English very well having lived and worked in USA; he is prompt and best of all, he is totally honest. I can’t recommend Leo too highly. I would add his lovely very smart wife, Margui, who often helps, but is also a skilled seamstress – does repairs and makes clothes to your specification. A great couple and a great find. 

Address: Cuenca and surrounds 

Contact information: 099 772 9691

Recommended by Pamela Storer: 096 398 5529

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