Real Stories from Hogar – Reuniting

She escaped from Colombia a long time ago with her daughter, Soraida. Here in Cuenca, Anna got into a relationship with a local taxi driver and had a son, Juan Luis. The relationship did not last long, and Anna moved and lived on her own with her daughter. However, Soraida had significant physical and emotional challenges relating to her environment. Soraida and her mother received no assistance from her ex-partner and has no other family.

During the crisis, Soraida’s situation became critical, and her case was brought to us by the Municipality. We developed a plan whereby she would be admitted to hospital for three months and then she would come and live at the foundation as we monitored treatment. It would mean complete isolation from her family and then a slow integration as she became stabilized.

Over the past few months, we have been working on family re-integration. Her half-brother stays with his father during the week as his father supports him with his studies and he stays with his mother on the weekends. Soraida has been staying with them on the weekends and is now up to four days a week with her mother and brother and three days at the foundation. We have helped her mother move to a more suitable location and provided furniture so this family re-unification can happen.

Foundation Hogar de Esperanza takes a holistic approach to solving problems. Anna works part-time and we support her with food and medications as she works on creating a stable home environment for her children. Soriada is now happy again. We have also been working with governmental agencies to legalize her status in Ecuador. To support our work in re-uniting families, you can do so at:

Garry Vatcher: 099 094 7611. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

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