La Mia Mascota Vet and Pet gets best food for your Bestie

We have the honor of selling the best dog and cat food at the very best price in Ecuador. Stop by and see what varieties will serve your pet best. Our English speaking veterinarian, Diego, at the Las Americas pet shop will be happy to help you assess your bestie’s needs and dietary requirements. We have foods for dogs and cats in good health, but also special varieties for the times when they need a little extra boost – like for older animals and those with heart, kidney, lung, and diabetic problems. Food comes in wet or dry and we offer a 5% discount when purchased with debit card or cash. We also have free delivery to your location inside Cuenca. If you want to use a credit card, we accept national and international credit cards, but you don’t get that 5% discount.

Come see us soon at any of our locations.

If you need any veterinary services, grooming, hospitality, these are available by appointment. Call or text. We have two veterinary offices that offer all services, including providing needed documentation for traveling with your best friend.

Clínica Veterinaria: Arrayán y Av. De las Américas y – PetShop: CC Plaza de las Américas local #27, Sucursal 2: Cc El Vergel, lower level, Surcusal 3: El Batan opposite the MultiCine, and our veterinary office with pet shop in Challuabamba.

Alexandra Montano

098 404 3395 – 099 020 6839 – 408 9255
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