Amazon Prime

Never lose or forget your password for Amazon login. There is a whole new safety measure where I had to “jump through hoops” to prove I was not a hacker.
My username, my personal address, my integrity and my mind were all at stake. There are puzzles that I defy anyone to try to figure out the first time, just to be able to change the password. I was required to play a few visual and/or auditory puzzle games before Amazon was sure that I had spent enough money in the last 10 years to put Beso into space. These were the dumbest visual games imaginable. I finally unearthed a phone number and got someone on the line to help. Support had me hold while he checked my information. I shut all the tabs and started from scratch. After a fairly long interrogative consultation where I had to prove that I was me, he took me off hold and walked me through sign on. I was smart enough to get 6 puzzle questions correct. The Amazon website decided that I was safe enough to be allowed to make a new password. I finally got in.

Suzanne Cerny: .

City: Cuenca
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