All about leashes

Who knew there was so much to say about leashes? Do I have to tell you every dog needs one? I’ve been shocked actually at how many households don’t have leashes. They depend on their dog staying close when out for a walk.

But then, how to choose just one? There are 4 ft leashes, 6 ft leashes, single layer, double layer, retractable, rope-style, flat style, with padded handles, with double-handles, no doubt more options.

So here goes: 4 ft leashes are best when you’ll be sharing the path or the sidewalk. They are also best if you don’t have the strength you used to have

6 ft leashes are nice for giving your dog the option of more space to sniff and do business. A trip to the Cajas (where your dog must be on leash, for example.)

Retractables seem great — at first. They give your dog the most liberty while still confined. But, three things: they require more strength if you have to rein your dog in and they give terrible rope burns to the unlucky person who gets caught up in them and they often wrap up around bushes. Experience is key.

Single layer refers to how thin/thick the leash webbing is. Single is nice for tucking into a pocket. Double is preferred if you have more than one dog so that the leashes separate easily in your hand.

How about this beauty below? So Ecuadorean-looking!

So! Now what? Come to my little shop to pick up a great leash. Lots of colors and choices. Open every Saturday in December for holiday shopping. Call or text for directions in El Vergel.

I’m Heather Conley, certified in dog training and dog behavior by the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy. If you have other dog questions, call or text me. I can help.


Heather Conley
099 900 3991

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