Kawai GS-60 6’9″ semi-concert grand piano

Satin Ebony finish. Built in 1994, manufactured in Japan.
Excellent condition.

Price: $22,500 (negotiable)

I am the original owner. I brought the piano to Ecuador from the USA in 2013. It includes an adjustable artist’s bench, piano board (for moving) and other articles for moving the piano.

This is an ideal piano for professionals, with rich tones and a responsive action. It’s perfect for classical music (Chopin, Liszt, Beethoven, etc.)

I’m selling the piano for two reasons. Eventually, I’d like to move from my house to a smaller condominium. Also, I have ongoing issues with my hands – trigger fingers, swelling of the fingers.

I’ve played the piano about 1 hour per day from 1995-2002, and about 1 hour per week, 2002-2021

Joe: en_tro_py-piano@yahoo.com 099 119 6586.

City: Cuenca
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