Wine of the day: Malbec

Malbec Lovers
3 Malbec Wines in 1 pack

*Dolores Navarro Correas Malbec 2021
*Portillo Malbec 2020
*Norton D.O.C Malbec 2019

Aromas of Malbec: Plum, Raspberry, Tobacco & Violets
Pairs well with: Red Meats, Cured Meats, White Meats and Aged cheeses
Ideal Temperature: 15-17 degrees Celsius

History of Malbec:
Malbec is a variety of red grape used to make red wine.
The grapes tend to have a dark color and abundant tannins, and they became known as one of the six grapes allowed in Bordeaux wine blends.

The Malbec grape is a thin-skinned grape and needs more sun and heat than the Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot grapes to ripen.

A curious fact is that the hectares of Malbec are in decline in France and in Argentina it is becoming a “national variety”, to the point where it is itself identified with Argentine wine.

The grape was introduced in Argentina for the first time in the region in the mid-nineteenth century with the aim of promoting agriculture in the region. The first vine planted in the country was in 1852 by Pouget. It had a great diffusion, reaching 57,690 hectares in 1966 and 38,486 hectares in 2014.

It is the most cultivated variety in Argentina, this being the first Argentina, this being the first world producer of Malbec, followed by France (5,300 hectares); Italy; Spain; South Africa, New Zealand and the United States.


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