Vilcapads. Natural pain relief

With all the life, power and beauty of nature… Seeds pads filled with medicinal plants (arnica, mango leaf, and eucalyptus) and lavender essential oil from young living.

Combine two natural therapies: thermotherapy and aromatherapy.

Heat therapy:

Muscular tension. Lumbar, dorsal, cervical back pains, colics, menstrual pain, arthritis, torticollis, sciatica, knees pain, feet pain, cold, tiredness.

Cold therapy:

Body swelling, bruises, blows, fever, stress.

Multipurpose rectangle pad $22. Weight: 700 gr.

Ergonomic design with channels that evenly distribute content and temperature. Cotton fabric. Washable outer cover. Contains instructions for use and care inside.

Easy, Safe, and Natural.

100% Handmade with organic plants from Vilcabamba.

Delivery by Servientrega.

Maria: 098 649 0310.

City: Viclabamba
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