Recommendation for Constructora Andromeda, home/cabin construction

I cannot recommend Constructora Andromeda highly enough. They built a cabin for me at The Oasis Center in Jadan (This is in no way a recommendation for the center, I will do a separate recommendation for that in the future), and the cabin is almost a work of art. Mauricio gave me a quote and stuck with it. The cabin was completed in a timely manner, and everyone who has seen it remarks on the high-quality materials used and the craftsmanship. His brother, Augusto, worked in the US and these brothers know how to deliver a completed home, fulfilling US standards. This is a family business and they take pride in their work. Their nephew, Wilson, is on the sales team and speaks English.

One quick story about their thoughtfulness – When we were talking about the porch design, I mentioned that I would put a little bench to sit on that was sheltered, where I could remove dirty work boots and store them there. I was so surprised when the cabin was completed to see that Augusto had brought an artisan stool from his home for me to have – I had mentioned it several months before, prior to construction, and he remembered.

They will be at the construction fair at Mall del Rio Convention Center this weekend (Please see their Gringo Post ad). If you are considering building a home or cabin, please stop in to see what Constructora Andromeda has to offer.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: +593 99 310 5431

Recommended by Marilyn Steenburgh:

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