Good prices at C&C unisex hair design / barber shop

Classic or trendy haircut, $6.

This haircut is simple yet perfect. The barber will style your hair and will give you recommendations on products and hairstyling tips so you can recreate your new stunning look yourself. If you want to step away from the classic look, the Trendy Cut is for you. With all the attention to detail, our barbers or hairdressers will deliver the perfect fade, skin fade, mohawk, etc. All haircuts includes shampooing. It’s better because we all wanna make sure that your haircut is sharp and clean-cut .

Men’s Premium Combo $12

Enjoyed by so many of our customers, The Perfect Hot Shave will make you feel as refreshed as if you just came back from a vacation. In the beginning, your skin will be prepped and pampered with a shaving gel to achieve a smooth and close razor shave. A face steamer and hot towels only add to this next-level relaxing experience. With a face massage and a Aloe Vera of aftershave as final touches, you would leave feeling brand new. It also make you feel handsome and confident. Also you feel refreshed and ready to go out with your loved one.

Additionally, after you have gotten your haircut, we have always gotten your hair washed (at the salon because we can wash it the way it should be washed especially with a head massage).

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1) Men’s hair cut includes shampooing $6
Shaving or just beard trim with hot towel hot steamer facial exfoliating for only $6, both services for only $12
2) Women’s haircut includes shampooing and conditioning $8
3) Blow dry $4 $5 $7 $8 $10 it all depends how much longer your hair is
4) Men’s Package includes ;
Manicure Pedicure +Haircut +Head Massage while you getting a Shampooing + shaving with hot towel + hot steamer + Express facial cleanse + finishing with aloe Vera $25
5) Manicure Pedicure unisex $12
6) Manicure $5
7) Pedicure $9
8) One hour full body massage $25
9) Express Facial cleanse $15
10) Gel nail polish $10
11) Deep hair treatment to prevent split ends or damaged caused from chemical treatments $10
12) Gray hair treatment to prevent yellowing color $10
13) Full body waxing $$$
14) Color , cut , Style , $30 and up
15) Foiled Highlights or baby lights $45 and up
16) keratin straightened $50 and up
17) Botox Capillary treatment $30 $40 to prevent frizzy hair
18) blow dry and flat ironing $8 and up
19) Any styles or braidings for your romantic dinner or any event $5 and up
20) Shoulder or Neck Massage $5 15mts

Please call: 098 814 8902 or WhatsApp, iMessage, text message

Avenida Ordoñez Lasso y los Claveles Riverside Building next location from Pichincha Bank

Clemencia Vizhnay

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