About Face by Sharron Cobb

I have been administering facial treatments and procedures to Expats in Cuenca for 5 years. I created a line of chemical-free products for myself and my clients. At the encouragement of several clients, I am now offering my products to the public.

Dead skin is a culprit for wrinkled, lifeless, dull skin. Dead skin can make up as many as 18 to 23 layers of your skin. Gritty exfoliating products exfoliate unevenly and if you scrub too hard you could actually damage the skin. That’s why I have included 3 products that gently remove dead skin plus an inexpensive toner that I will recommend to you. Once the dead skin is gone, the skin can absorb the other ingredients to moisturize and build collagen and you’re left with glowing, more youthful skin. You will see a difference if you are consistent in following the protocol.

About Face by: Sharron Cobb

—Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser
non gritty
—Facial Serum
gives you a glow, builds collagen, moisturizes
(no need for a cream to moisturize) exfoliates and helps even out skin
tone. You’ll love the way your skin looks!
—Protective Sunscreen
Physical barrier with zinc, helps seal in the glow of the Serum
glowing skin is youthful skin!!
—Exfoliating Body Cream
gently exfoliates the skin so the moisturizer does more than mask the dead skin
-Lip & Eye Balm
stays on all night! Moisturizes and prevents dryness.

Introductory offer

-$65 for my entire line. I want you to see a difference in your skin, therefore, tips and personal attention come with the purchase of About Face Products.
*Client Recommendations:

I’ve used Sharron’s About Face products for 4 years. The body cream is the only one I’ve ever used that has rid me of the “alligator” look. She puts a lot of research into her products. Cynthia

I have very dry skin plus eczema. The facial serum has helped and I love the way it makes my skin look. Love the sunscreen for my fair skin! Leslie H.

Finally, products that actually improve the appearance of my skin. Thank you, Sharron! Cori

After using other serums for years, I started using Sharron’s and I’m addicted. It has visibly improved the elasticity and hydration of my skin. I also love her body cream which makes my scaly legs look and feel years younger. Thanks so much for your diligent work in creating such amazing products. Jolene8

If you are interested in an hour and a half facial which always includes microdermabrasion, skin tightening machines, mask and LED light treatment for $45 or consultation for treatments please contact me by email (sharroncobb35@yahoo.com) ; by phone 593 096 710 2786. I am on WhatsApp.

Gift certificates available.

Cuenca-Don Bosco

Sharon Cobb

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