A little fairy godmother

I am excited to tell you about the last dream we fulfilled just yesterday. Our fairy godmother this time, was someone relatively young, 12-year old Paola. She was willing to fulfill the dream of a boy named Luis Miguel, who had not been able to study during the last two years of the pandemic; not because he did not want or did not like to study, but rather because he never had the means to continue his education.

Paola was surprised that this is the situation of many vulnerable children. So, she decided to look for a computer to donate. With full support of his parents and the help of Hearts of Gold, a special moment was organized. The day came for Luis Miguel to receive a big surprise.

Luis Miguel arrived with his mother at the Hearts of Gold offices, where his new computer, some snacks and an arrangement of balloons were waiting for him to celebrate that he could finally go back to school. They blindfolded him and then, when he opened his eyes and saw what it was, he couldn’t contain his emotions. His mother even cried because of the great gesture Paola had made towards her son. She said she could never have imagined that someone would have this kind of gift for them.

I personally really like this story because after the delivery I talked to Paola, and the way she sees things now has changed drastically! Now she is much more grateful for what she has and is committed to continue helping the most vulnerable.

Camila Moscoso: morellana@heartsofgoldfoundation.org .

City: Cuenca

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