Traveling? Put these on your checklist:

Here are some things that you will really want to take with you that are available at CosasPrep:

*Hairbrush safe: Keep rolled up money or jewelry inside the handle of our special hairbrush.

*Door stopper alarm: Jam your door shut with this door stopper, and should someone try to open your door, a screaming alarm will sound.

*Door handle alarm: This alarm is motion sensitive. Put it on a door handle, or in a drawer, or in your suitcase. If someone unknown person makes even the slightest movement, an alarm will sound.

*Phone charger: This portable power bank will charge your phone, camera, or other items that are rechargeable.

*Rechargeable batteries that don’t require a battery charger: Since it might be inconvenient to buy batteries when you need them, just plug these AA, AAA, or 9V batteries into a wall socket (or the charger above) and your will have fully charged batteries in about 90 minutes.

*Rain Poncho: Super light and compact, they are often less cumbersome to carry than an umbrella.

*If you are traveling to a non-English speaking country, a language translator can be very helpful.

*Small tactical flashlight: Since space is often at a premium, the size of this bright flashlight is terrific for travel.

*Multi tool. Since you can’t carry an entire toolbox with you, this foldable tool set is perfect for travel.

*EMF blocking phone holders: Keep your data safe from thieves and stingray towers with two different styles of EMF blocking pouches.

*EMF blocking hats: 2 styles of hats available to help protect against 5G radiation.

And you might want a camera to watch your home while you are gone. Our cameras send a push notice to your phone when motion is detected. Activity can be recorded on your phone, on the cloud or on a micro-SD card. (We will help you sync the camera to your phone.)

Great Gift Idea: Qi phone chargers with scenes from Ecuador
Visit either of our stores or order online at
for delivery throughout Ecuador. (With Servientrega)

Store 1: Inside the Sunrise Cafe at Calle Larga 9-40 or Store 2: Simon Bolivar 13-49 y Estevez de Toral;

Kent Mills

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