Cuenca Firewood: Spring promotion

Celebrating the beginning of our 7th season as the premiere producer of firewood for the house, outdoor firepit, and fruit wood for smoking and barbecue, we offer our full line of premium woods, all seasoned and hand split. Our fruitwood is available seasoned or green, as some prefer green wood for smoking.

Firewood types include eucalyptus, pine, cypress and “cota” (our first venture into local hardwoods, this one rather similar to walnut); also fireplace grade cherry.

Our smoking/barbecue woods include apple (branchwood and split trunk wood) and cherry (small and large chunks of split trunk wood). We have been the exclusive provider of cherry wood to Cuchi Suco, the top barbecue restaurant in Cuenca. Roberto Mora, owner of this restaurant and El Mercado, tested out product against all others and chose us.

Write to us for details and prices…

Consumer Alert: recently our product was compared to that of our chief competitor. I had the opportunity to help unload his bundles of firewood, eucalyptus mill ends. Obviously, his product is far less expensive than my handsplit, seasoned eucalyptus. A bit of education about local lumber production. Typically in the field, a lumberman fells a eucalyptus tree then first creates a squared log, which will later be sliced into “tablas”, boards 1-2″ thick and 3 meters long. For a large operation this might be done in a mill, but most operators locally work by hand with chain saws. The mill ends consist of bark and the recent years growth, very “wet” wood that will burn poorly even when dried. It is considered garbage wood, not suited for construction.

By comparison natural hand split wood is produced in the opposite way. The tree is felled and then cut into rounds with a chaqin saw and stacked for 2-3 years to dry. Along the way it is split with an axe and stacked to dry further before being sold as firewood. There is zero bark, this having fallen off in the drying process and the split wood always contains 50-75% heartwood, ideal for burning and totally absent in the mill end debris.

So the bottom line is that you get what you pay for!

Our wood is produced on our pristine eco resort, processed by a retired arborist from the USA.

Catty Siguenza: 099 524 1088 (WhatsApp messages only, please no phone calls; we have poor reception in the campo).

City: Cuenca

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