Art lovers…

We invite you to visit our art exhibition at Hotel Carvallo Boutique. Gran Colombia 9-52 and Benigno Malo . A beautiful three floors restored mansion (Republican style) is embracing pieces of art of authors from USA and Ecuador.

While you visit this beautiful area in the city you are able to have good meals at Hotel Carvallo Café & Restaurante. We have a good chef in the crew. Our administration is from Guatemala.

The beautiful architecture of this “casona” takes you to the past like going in a time machine.
Welcome all art lovers and visitors.

Most art on the walls is available. We have very convenient prices for Christmas Season : 10% 20 % 25% 50% of discount on your cash purchases. If you are interested in any piece of art, please send me any question to my WhatsApp: 099 214 9751. Also I’m able to send you fotos of the art pieces with all details.

All credit cards are welcome.

Juana Catalina Carrasco Vintimilla

All November and December, $25, Gran Colombia 9-52 y Benigno Malo, Cuenca.

Juana Catalina Carrasco: 099 214 0751
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